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larry toby

I shared this on the other thread on ekarting but I will share it here too.

THANKS Jim! I definitely think you made the right call. Only the drivers who are interested in qualifying for the GN or out of state Rotax drivers will be running Mojos. Everyone will be competing on a level playing field and getting practice for the GN with those hard to learn Mojos. Practice and real life racing experience! Ill send my Rotax registration in today.

Runing with the Tag classes still sucks for guys like us who are running both your club series and the Mile High Series but so be it. Last year we tested our Jr Tag kart and Jr Rotax kart at your track on the same weekend and found the Tag kart to be more than a second faster (this doesn’t appear to be true for the Sr and Master classes). We’ll just treat the four Mile High events as throw aways for the local club series. Hell, there are eight more local races to get some points back. I would much rather have it this way then having to run the Rotax somewhere else.

Who knows? This may start some momentum and you may get so many Rotax drivers that you have to split them anyway. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have? Instead of having drivers complain about tires they will be compalining about where and how to mount their lights. Go figure. PS. My HID helmet lights are already race proven in Baja. Bring on the night racing!