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Doug Welch

I was asked the other day, what are the costs of doing the FWT. A person should plan on spending between $2,000 and $3,000 for the weekend. This number would included everything, airfare, hotel, broken parts, transportation of equipment, pit spots, everything. It could be done for a bit less, $1,500, but that means eating beans in the parking lot and sleeping under a bridge! If you do more than one event, it gets cheaper as we leave the equipment down there and fly back and forth.

But what do you get? A very well run event, Chris as race driector, Terry as assistant race director, Don in tech ( and a very good tech I might add). Three, that’s right, 3 solid days of racing. In the Rotax classes, the fields are huge. Last year, MiniMax had LCQ’s! We ran senior and had fields of over 40 karts. In our class, the top 35 were less than a second. .1 of a second was 4 or 5 spots on the grid. It was some of the most intense and close racing we have every seen. It was nothing short of fantastic.

The fields are international. There are drivers from all over latin america and the carribian. The Canadians come down in force and all of the top drivers from the USA are there. In my mind, these are some of the strongest fields you will ever race in. In our field, there were 3 national champions from three different countries.

It’s not too late but if you are thinking of going, its time to start planning.