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Curt Kistler

The decision made today was the proper one. The rule you are stating is in the 2006 CSC rule book, however, we all had a vote at the meeting IMI hosted last winter. The majority of people who attended the meeting voted no rain racing, except for the GGP for obvious reasons. There are some addendums to the rule book and the rain rule is just one of them.

As far as a 9 race season in unpredictable Colorado goes, today was the only race all season that weather played a role. Love it or hate it, Rusty and Jim made the correct call today. It’s just too bad it happened on the last race with so many Championships on the line. I’ll bet that the camera crew filming the special for Chase and Bill would have liked to have seen the mains completed also. There was an awful lot going on today and Mother Nature let us all down.

Now for my adder. Please everyone, take the time to fill out the 2006 End of Season Survey and get it faxed in ASAP. Give the survey your opinion on rain racing and other important issues you want the decision makers to ponder before the rules are set for 2007.