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Doug Welch


While we all have our excuses for not racing, (mine was we went testing Saturday and Sunday we went hiking) the trend is downward all across the country. Sales of new karts, in general, is off with shifters taking the biggest hit. I attribute the downward trend to three things.

1. The economy is not as good as some (politions) would have us believe. With gasoline well over $2.00, a lot of folks just don’t have the disposable income to go play.

2. Karting in general is too expensive. Built ICC engines cost as much as the entire kart and engine did just 5 years ago. Paying $180+ for an axle with XYZ brand name on it is just nuts. The core karting racer has a beer budget, and not the good stuff either!

3. Too many classes and too much uncertainty in the rules. Every year, we add classes, not take them away. We should remove one class every year for the next 3-4 years and no new ones. Rules should be fixed for a period of three years. Changes should be exceptions and rare, rather than the norm.