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    Mike Jansen

    Well, the body’s feeling a lot better than yesterday and I’ve blown about 2 pounds of dirt out my nose. That said, Race the Rockies #2 was a heck of a lot of fun!

    I was in the pits working on my junk so missed a lot of the racing in many classes but I was really looking forward to seeing Zippie vs. Ben all the way to the end. Zip was holding him off and the racing was fun to watch until there was a bulldozer from behind that screwed it up. Up to that point it reminded me of Gilles Villenueve at Spain holding back the faster cars for the half the race (I think it was 1981)!

    Then there was my class. What can I say other than I had the best seat in the house watching Brian Robson try to get by Ron Reed in the corner coming off the coat hanger backstretch. All I needed was popcorn and a coke and it would have been better than any movie I’ve seen this year (other than IRON MAN 2). What can I say other than I LOVE THE GUYS I RACE AGAINST! Clean, Hard, No Quarter, and then have a handshake and a hug with a smile afterwards. I want to thank each and every one of you in TaG Masters for the best race I’ve ever been a part of. And I took 3rd! Best time with my clothes on. Thank you everyone who came up afterwards and said “that was a great race to watch!” I really appreciated it. Ron, Bob, welcome back it was great seeing you and I look forward to seeing more of you both. Ron, like Brian Robson said, I’ve never seen a wider kart in all my years racing! You’re going to do well at the Pepsi Center.

    Stacey, Darren (jonesing for an Inquirier) you and your whole crew did a great job and everything went well. I thought you had a red phone to the Big Guy Upstairs and could put the wind out of the equasion but alas, it’s Darren comuppance for reading that rag he calls a newspaper! Chris Egger, I’ll have to come by and introduce myself or have Jim Keesling introduce me. Great job.

    TV coverage at the next race and on this side of the mountains. I cannot wait. Y’all have a great Memorial day weekend and I’ll see you at the track soon.

    Oh, and by the way we’ve started a new tradition of race weekend Saturday night. Ribs on the Weber charcoal grill. The way I have it figured, we can cook 14 pounds at a time! :loony:



    Greg Welch

    It was for sure a good race weekend. You TaG masters guys put on a great show and a great race. Hopefully the seniors were watching and taking notes on how to race hard and clean, as in masters race there was NO contact NO blocking and all smiles at the finish line. Great job Tag masters. Also a congrats to Ben for a nice clean sweep of the weekend.


    I agree with you guys. I enjoyed watching the other races while I was waiting for my turn. The shifter race was also great fun. It was good to see more guys show up for Spec Shifter Heavy, the class that the fans now demand 🙂 I even got to lead for a while, though Jet was just a little too good this time. I’ll have to find a way to move up one more position next time.


    Mike Urban

    Congrats to all who raced!! From all I have talked to, it was an amazing weekend!! Jim, you know how to
    run a great event. Best regards also to Chris and Josh and staff for all they did! My only regret is that I missed it,
    but family comes first. Sam had an amazing weekend himself at 5A High School Boys State Swim Meet.
    Can’t wait till the next one!!

    stacey cook

    Awesome racing all weekend in every class! Mike we tried to contact the big guy to turn the wind off but for some reason it kept saying that our number had been blocked. We would like to thank all the racers that made the trip over, and of course the locals that came out and raced especially our new guy Butler Cox in Masters, 72 years old and just got a kart a few days prior but jumped right in and had a ball! thats what it is about. Also Jim thanks for promoting a great series, we look forward to the Pepsi center.

    Jim Keesling

    I Wanna go back to TaG Masters!!!!!
    Thanks for all the kind words. I agree that this was some of the best racing we have seen in years. Lap after lap after lap!
    The TaG Master freight train was unreal!

    For those that couldn’t be there, a few important announcements…

    Altitude will televise a 2 hour special for the July 11 Racing the Rockies race 3 at The Track. We have confirmed “CableCam” and will place the high tension camera over the track to get never before seen footage of the racing. We are working on an “in-kart” cam for every group that goes onto the track.

    More exciting things to come!

    Special thanks to the Cooks, the whole staff at Grand Junction Motorspeedway, and to all the racers for putting on the greatest show yet. The producers from Altitude were in house, and asked if I could duplicate the event for July 11!!!

    Thanks again to all the racers and winners in each class.
    Results are up on my-laps, and points will be updated by weeks end.

    See you at The Track!


    Brian Robson

    Absolutely a blast on sunday! Ronnie, Mike, and Scott were tough hombre’s to deal with. but the best part of it all is the respect of the competitors on and off the track. This is what karting is about. I have never enjoyed karting as much as I have in Colorado. And this is all primarily related to the people I race with/against. You guys and gals are the best.

    Thanks to Mike Urban for this awesome opportunity to enjoy some days in the sun. I also want to thank the promotors, track owners, organizers, participants, and everyone for supporting karting. I also need to thank Mike and Kurt Burris for their continued support since 1984.

    See you at the 24 hours at The Track.


    Mike Jansen

    Newbie Butler Cox, 72 years old and in a race kart

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    now there’s a story!

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