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    Tony LaPorta

    Started the motor up and as soon as I gave it even a little gas a white fluid pushed up out of the gear case and in to a fuel line I have for excess oil.

    Drained the oil and it was stil clean and clear, refilled it, started again and same white fluid. :bang :bang

    Any Ideas, opinions, thoughts are apreciated!!!!


    Garrick Mitchell

    Does it look a bit like a milkshake? Sounds kind of like water churned up in the oil, but in that case you wouldn’t be draining clear oil. Strange.

    If it’s water, not sure where it could’ve come from except an internal coolant leak (see if your radiator is still full) or from outside (pressure-washing engine or running in the rain with a bad gasket for the gear cover?).

    Angel Ramirez

    Check the pulse line that is not sucking air or the fuel pump,how often you recheck the screws(4) on the pump?

    Rick Schmidt

    Did you add more than 50cc to an empty gear case?

    If you did it will get ejected out of the crank case vent. If so, you’ll need to clean the pulse line and fuel pump as well.

    If you remove the cover, pay attention to gear orientation (or refer to the Rotax engine manual) for reassembly.


    Brad Linkus

    Tony filled it to the very top, the oil foamed up and spewed out the vent :loony:

    Tony LaPorta

    Thanks Brad !!!!!! 😐


    Rodney Ebersole

    Tony, That’s better than not putting any in oil in it, plus now you have tested the vent and know it is working. 😛

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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