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    Brad Linkus

    The new official website for information on Colorado karting that represents IMI Motorsports, Grand Junction Motors Speedway and The Track at Centennial will be online by the weekend.

    The discussion forum is online now and will be accessed through the new web site. You can access and register now by going to

    Sheldon Potter

    I must not have gotten the memo, so to speak: What’s the context behind the new site and forum? Seriously, I don’t recall seeing anything on the current site referring to this previously, so am a bit confused.

    Does this mean the site and forum are going away? Any particular reason for the transition?

    If so, what’s the official transition date whereby the current site/forum will no longer be available, etc.?

    If not, does that mean there will be two sites and forums? Difference in purpose, audience, etc.?

    Who’s going to manage the new site/forum, what if any additional help is needed in that regard? What about likely costs and how the karting community can help in that regard as well?


    Sheldon Potter

    Brad Linkus

    The website “” is owned by Angie. She has decided step back from all of the work she was doing and does not have time to manage the site, points, results, registration, rules, etc…

    The new website and business operations for the CSC and the IMI/Thetrack club series will be run by me with help from Jim, Stacey, Troy and a few other club members dedicated to kart racing in Colorado. There will be online registration and more up to date information on a regular basis. We look forward to the new season and hope you join us on the new site.

    Sheldon Potter

    Very good, Brad. Thanks for the info. Just curious. I’ll pop over and check it out asap.

    I’m an old Web head (small time web designer), as Angie knows (I emailed her a few times last year re. some forum stuff she was working on). Pretty much retired now, but if you guys ever need any assistance from time to time w/ the new site, e.g. w/ testing new features or “informed user” feedback, or related input, etc. don’t hesitate to contact me. 303 423-5412.

    Sheldon Potter

    Angie MacEwen

    I don’t really know what to say here, but feel I have to say something.

    It is true that I cut back on my involvement, but I never intended to quit completely, or retire this website. The twins are not racing this year, but we are still working on something for Cole, so I planned on staying involved a little bit. I had originally planned on scoring the CSC races(as long as we were racing), keeping the points, and the website. Those things were not a problem. It did get out of hand trying to stay on top of the rules, membership, and other admin things. Since going back to work last winter, and now moving to full time, it definitely made it difficult to keep up. My family suffered, the CSC and karters suffered, and I suppose also my job suffered, because I was trying to do it all, and instead didn’t do anything to satisfaction.

    I will be the first to admit that I made some bad choices in the past, and I am sorry for anyone that was affected by that. When last season was over, and talk of the new season began, I tried to step back and let the new Race Director and the track owners step up and take over – that doesn’t sound right, as they were always in charge – but hopefully you understand what I mean. It was a seemingly nice transition, with new people on board that are excited about continuing the growth of the CSC, working with the track owners that were still dedicated to it.

    I certainly don’t blame anyone for moving on and not including me. I just want it to be clear that I didn’t just bail on the karters. I have been here, offering suggestions (when asked), and was prepared to continue being a part of the karting scene, only on a much more limited basis. Even though this last year was difficult, and I didn’t do the best job, I put my heart and soul into this sport for 5 years, and that hopefully counts for something.

    I am still here, and I plan on keeping The Colorado Karter around. That is, at least as long as it seems to be providing a benenfit to Colorado Karting. If things totally die here, well then I will obviously have to re-evaluate.

    I hope that things come together for the CSC, as well as all of the individual tracks in the state. I further hope that all of the racers have an awesome, safe, competitive season!


    p.s. My grandmother fell down the stairs about two weeks ago. Some of you may have met her at the track, she used to come to all of the races, then last year still made quite a few. She turned 90 in November, and was still going strong. Her mind is still quick, just he body failing. She was scheduled to go into an assisted living facility, but the fall happened the night before she was to move in. Now, Nanny ( as the grandkids all know her) didn’t break a hip like most elderly do when they fall…, she broke her neck. Literally broke her neck at C2 –C3. The doctors say most people don’t even survive that break, and if they do, they are paralyzed. Not Nanny, she gave us quite a scare, and is still not out of the woods completely, but is on her way to the goal of that fancy assisted living arrangement. She is in a neck brace only, as they could not do any surgery ( her bones wouldn’t hold any hardware, and she wouldn’t do well under anesthesia). She spent a full week at the new Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, but has now moved to a rehabilitation facility. She can feed herself, can stand for several minutes at a time, and even take a short walk with her walker. It has been a roller coaster ride, for sure, as she still has bad moments, when she gets tired mostly, but the prognosis is still for her to be self sufficient enough to live in the assisted living facility. Just thought as long as I was posting, I would share that information. Also, it should be a reminder to tell your family you love them.

    Tony LaPorta

    Angie, I for one am very thankfull for all the amazing work you put in to the karting scene, and the Karter.
    I am very very sorry to hear about your grandmother, that is terrible news.
    Please do keep us posted on her condition.
    Thank you
    Tony and the whole LaPorta family

    Eddy Wyatt


    I’ve said this privately and now publicly, Thank you for all you have done for the Colorado karting families. Give our best to Ken and your family and your Grandmother will be in our prayers.

    Eddy Wyatt
    SoCo Kart Works

    Dave Payseno

    Thank you Angie, for your work and support. I know the web site is what helped us MANY times and helped to decide if were going to get in the sport. I am glad that you made sure all the kids that are racing were reconized for their effort and not their placing. Your kids at the tracks are well behaved and good kids and drivers. Thank you for your support and long hours. I wish the best for you and your family. 😀

    Dave & Greggory Payseno
    Marty T.

    Mike Jansen

    Thank you Angie for all your help over the last 5 years, I and many others appreciate it.

    My prayers go out to you and your family and especially your Grandmother.

    Troy Smith


    I, too, wish to say a heartfelt “thank you” for all you have done. Being relatively new to karting, I was always welcomed by you and your help in getting my paperwork organized last year and answering my many e-mails was immeasureable!

    I sincerely hope The Colorado Karter stays around!!!! Just as a point of clarification for the many people who are wondering ‘why a new site’, I’ll try to explain it briefly here for you. As the CSC organizational responsibility moved back to the realm of the Track Owners and we started to sign actual sponsorship contracts (which will be annouced very shortly), it became necessary to have a separate venue for those sponsors/sponsorships which is wholly owned by the same group as the CSC. As I am signing sponsors, I must be able to represent exactly what the sponsors will receive in concrete terms for their dollars and in order to accomplish this leagally, a new site was/is necessary. As you all can see, Angie has sponsors for this site and I can’t represent ‘exclusivity’ in any contracts when two different companies are involved…this is not fair (nor contracturally possible) to the sponsor nor to those sponsoring here on the Karter. From a strictly marketing perspective, these reasons necessitated a new and seperate sponsorship venue. From my point of view, THIS WAS NEVER MEANT TO DISRESPECT ANGIE AND IS IN NO WAY A REFLECTION ON ALL THAT SHE AND HER FAMILY HAVE DONE FOR COLORADO KARTING…IN FACT, I OFFER PERSONAL KUDOS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE, ESPECIALLY FOR ME PERSONALLY. :clap:

    On a personal note, I’m very sorry to hear the news of your grandmother as well.

    See you at the races!





    Thank you very much for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You gave Colorado Karters the opportunity to become a community and it is just amazing. The guys running the new site have big shoes to fill…. I am pretty sure they will do great.

    See you at the races…

    Sheldon Potter

    Angie, and all – I hope I didn’t create a problem w/ my questions about the new site. I certainly didn’t intend that; just wanted to get straight what the score was, e.g. if this one was going away, etc. As a rookie I’m not in tune w/ a lot of the stuff you guys talk about yet, and I also tend to be a bit direct sometimes.

    OTOH, in the short time I’ve been hanging around on the forum and starting to get to know a few of you largely via same, I’d just reiterate the “thanks” already posted by others that I also feel for your work on this site/forum.

    Sheldon Potter

    Kirk Deason

    Sheldon I don’t think you ruffled any feathers. I was wondering the same thing..two sites? But now I understand. I’ll miss this site, it is always my first stop on my internet forays. Thanks, Angie. Job well done!

    I guess I’ll have to find a new avatar and a new quote, too.


    I am wondering if there are any plans or if it’s possible to move/redirect The Colorado Karter forum to this new forum. If I understand correctly this forum has been transferred once already from I believe an old URL to its current one. Would a move/redirect such as that be possible to help create some continuity.

    I know I’ve only been lurking on this forum for a few months and this is only my second post, but this forum has already provided me a wealth of information. A single site with tons of info to review helps simplify the learning curve for new karters. It also seems to fit perfectly within the interests and size of the colorado karting community; providing a spot for all topics and having a perfect number of new daily posts to keep the forum lively but not cumbersome.

    Either way I’m excited to be part of the new forum.


    Doug Haner

    Considering Angie’s desire to keep the karter going and the whole sponsor situation that Troy was talking about I doubt a redirect would fit the best interests of all parties.

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