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    I went down to SBR this weekend and raced in the PPKRC Race #1 combined with CJKC Race #1. Between the CJKC and PPKRC there were a good number of karts to race for the day. The race was well organized and ran like clockwork. I really appreciated the safety focus and organization of the racing day.

    The PPKRC staff were exceptionally encouraging and inviting to all participants and very gracious to al the kids who are the future of racing.

    I personally had a great time and found the track to be technical and really fun to drive, and racing on the track was exciting with all the TAG racers.

    I would like to thank Roger, Eddy, and David for making my family and I feel welcome.

    Thanks, :clap:

    Richard Hensley

    Eddy Wyatt

    For All

    Thanks Richard for the kind words. We are working on promotions for Race #2 scheduled for 2 June. We really enjoyed having you guys come down and having the CJKC running with us, agree they truly are the future of our sport. How refreshing to see all those young racers out there on track, having fun and racing clean in tight competition. :jump

    Get well soon Rodney and Gary we hope to see you guys back on track. Anthony G., Josh T., Steve K., Steve B. and Landon, let us know if we can help you guys get back on track for Race #2.

    More good info to follow on some very exciting racing events coming to SBR. “Kart Racing for Heroes” event and we are looking into doing a “Race under the Lights” :read night race possibly in July or August.

    for PPKRC and SBR

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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