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    Scott Falcone

    I would like to start by thanking everyone involved this winter with me at the Gatorz Challenge of Americas, the list is long. FTK, KartSport, Pops, Eric Jones, Andy, Erik T, Josh S, Tim L, John C, Captin, Frank, David Sera, Benny S, Brandon J, Randy S, Ben S, Greg W, Team Chaos, One Racing, Billet, This was truly a team effort this winter with this series and I couldn’t have done it without your help,

    Thank you, Scott

    You had to see it to believe it yesterday. It was one on the weirdest/wildest days (week) in my karting career. We were very fast on Saturday main event, got the hole shot and pretty much checked out and lapped the entire field in 20 laps with the exception of one kart 2nd place guy who won yesterday. Had some help from all my team mates as well, thanks. Sunday was entirely different story. Woke up to something new, more rain! It rained every time I went on track starting Friday, literally. We are not just talking about rain showers we are talking about consistent torrential down pours. To say we didn’t get some great testing and driving practice in the rain would be a complete fib. I’m actually glad it rained none stop rather than on and off and having to go through dry and wet set up changes, that’s a nightmare. We really learned a lot, so overall it was very educational.

    Sunday morning practice we were very fast tried some new changes and it was very good. Qualify we got a little greedy and tried to go even more with the new changes and backfired on us. So we came into the heat in P2 and once again I took hole shoot and we were putting some distance on the field until lap 5 we threw a chain and DNF. SUCKED!!! So in the main we started last. By about lap 2 we were in 2nd place and reeling 1st place in when I decided to go four wheeling in the mud and got passed by most of the rest of the field so 1st place was gone and now my concentration was forwarded to the guy (Bill) I had to beat for the championship. So once again we got back into 2nd place with first place kart an entire straight away in front of me so at that point I figured to just settle in and finish the race with P2 and hope nothing bad would happen and I could bring the championship home to CO. Well so much for that idea! As I’m driving around the track lap 5 or so my steering wheel keeps going out of being true so I new something was wrong at this point. Keep in mind I’m bouncing of off 5 curbs violently to get back into the 2nd spot. You really had to bang curbs to be real fast at this track. So now the tie rod loosens up from the spindle and coming onto the straight away they disconnect and I go into the mud once again! Jump out of the kart screw the tie rod and the spindle back together get back on the track and literally drive with one hand on the steering and one on the tie rod for the remainder of the race 15 laps or so. CRAZY!!!!!! At this point I had know idea where Bill was or where I was, on finishing for the day. All I knew is that I could only win by not finishing more than one spot behind him, to have a real chance at winning the championship. Well Tabor and Nicholas were looking after us because I finished 9 and he finished in 8 and we won by 2 points. Unbelievable! Call it what you want but we will take it how ever we can get it.

    For those who supported us here from Colorado and across the US, I thank you.

    We look forward to this week in Florida I will assure you one thing, you cant have stuff like this happen down there or you can forget about it and you will be eaten up and spit out.

    Don Dempster

    Congrats Scott good luck at the FWT this weekend

    Mike Jansen


    Great post. Keep up the good work Dude and lessons learned this weekend will make you better next weekend! Kick it!

    gunter desanti

    :dance: :dance: :clap: :clap: :trophy
    Congratulations Scott.
    Thanks for the run down on Sundays race, Mark K and I were looking at my laps Sun night and were coming up with all kinds of scenarios, we were not even close.
    One off the list, same again this week-end FWT.

    Justin Mueller

    HELL YEAH awesome post Keep it up GO Kick some A$$ in florida brotha :~

    gunter desanti

    I suggest that Scott should have to drive with one hand on steering wheel and one hand on tie rod at all races at The Track this year. 😆
    Actually I’ll settle for a 5 lap demonstration of this new driving technique, or does it only work in the rain? :loony:
    Gunter. 😉

    gunter desanti

    Good effort Scott in final round at Ocala FWT.
    Back to back week-ends west coast to east coast thats asking a lot,
    the scheduling was against you. :clap:
    Now focus on Nationals, Good Luck.

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