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    Cris Schureman

    I wanted to personally thank the entire group who helped pull off the first SKUSA Mountain Region Race.
    To all of you a BIG THANK YOU.
    Thanks to Bob and Paul at PPIR. You guys are the best.

    The Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club stepped up and did an incredible job helping put on this race. Without them it would not have been possible. Great Job Guys!!!

    It was a great event. It is an honor to be (a small) part of bringing SKUSA back to Colorado.
    For all of you that showed up to race, tune or spectate thanks to you as well. For those of you that did not- You missed a good time. We hope to see you at the next event.

    A few of the Mountain Region Crew will be back down to PPIR on the 22nd and 23rd for the Pikes Peak Kart Racing Club event.
    I would like to personally invite all racers (no matter what motor you have) to get down there and be a part of it. Plenty of open class opportunities.

    The race will be held in the same parking lot as the SKUSA Mountain race so if you want to come on down and drive on a temp track it is a perfect opportunity. Great prep for the Super Nationals.

    Plenty of parking, great scenery, great great people and a venue that is second to none.

    Thanks to all again. Too too many to call out individually but you know who you are.

    Curt Kistler

    You are right on with the PPKRC and PPIR crew down there. That entire track was torn down and put away in a safe manner in under 3 hours. It was a shame to see Stan and AJ’s hard work get removed and put away for two weeks, but that is the beauty of PPIR. We will all be back down there in 2 weeks to do it even better, if that is possible.
    The host hotel was the best hotel I have ever stayed at during any karting event from every standpoint. Great service, food, beverages at Ricks Bar, clean quiet rooms, comfortable beds and lots of towels made for a bargin at $79.00!!!!
    Michael at M&H Catering was the best. Has anyone ever seen someone with more passion for catering than him? He was all over his “A” game and had the entire 20+ SKUSA crew fed both days. Big thanks to him and his crew.
    How about the 20+ radios and headsets for the entire working crew from the SCCA Continential Divide program? Lindsay was there at 6am both days setting up everything and we did not have one flaw with communications, scoring, timing, and everything else the SCCA stepped up and helped us with. The sound system for our 2 announcers was also killer. Tony and Sam both had professional grade mic’s and plenty of volume to get their announcments and interviews done for the entire course and paddock. The timing trailer was quiet, comfortable and secure for Angie to do her thing. She makes her job look easy, but after watching her again do her magic, I was impressed. Thank you Angie.
    Back to the corner, rescue, and recovery workers for a minute. The PPKRC did everything they promissed and more! Big Dave our EMT was ready for the call at all times. The good news is, he not once got called out to the track for even a band aid. No big wrecks, no injuries, no flying tires, nothing fell off any kart, ever! Thank you racers for not making me invoke the RV51D Rule.
    For the City of Colorado Springs to step us and support this program, I personally thank you. Your announcements, visitors bags, contacts and planning sessions were very much appreciated.
    As for Cris, AJ, Sam, Angie, Russ, Greg, and Tony I just want to thank you here again for all your dedication to make this happen. And to Debbi, my wife, for stepping up when we needed it most. You took on way too much and made some incredible things happen in registration, sponsors, insurance wrist bands, fuel, tires, oil, wine, beer, housekeeping, the BBQ dinner, the trophies, and all the other things I am forgetting about, THANK YOU. Hopefully next race you and I will find time to sit down and eat some Tri-Tip, and drink some wine together:)
    Mitch, your pictures are the best way to tell the story. All of them very well done as usual. Hopefully our racers and their families will want to purchase several of your shots. I want the Flava Flave pic. We had already downed several beers when that was taken right at 4PM…..I hope you had a good time from top to bottom at PPIR. We appreciate your support always.

    To all the racers. Thank you for coming, thank you for racing safe, playing hard, and leaving PPIR as clean as you found it. I personally appreciate it.
    To Tom, Stan, John and all the SKUSA support we got from all over the country, THANK YOU as well. The first one is always the hardest but I think we proved it can happen with good planning, great people and an awsome facility.

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