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    Thanks to Doug, Jeff and Greg,

    Great seminar as usual. Picked up some new pointers again this yr. If you are a new or novice karter, you need to be attending these seminars. Nice to see some of the guys again.

    See ya all on the track practicing soon.

    Uber Wagon

    Another thanks to Doug, Jeff, and Greg. Learned a bunch and am looking forward to the next one….


    Garrick Mitchell

    Thanks Doug, Greg, and Jeff. I came away with even more good pointers than I expected. With luck, the rest of the white stuff will melt and I can put this info to good use. Already looking forward to the engine seminar.

    The trouble is, now I need an avatar where I’m not leaning my head into the corner! Blame 20 years of racing bicycles. D’oh. 😳

    Rick Schmidt

    What a bright family. I enjoyed it as well.

    It is real encouraging to see so many unfamiliar faces this year too. Many more than last year. Hopefully this is an indicator of the amount of new blood coming in to the sport.

    Good work Shockwave.



    @Garrick wrote:

    …now I need an avatar where I’m not leaning my head into the corner! D’oh. 😳

    Hi Garrick,

    I was one of the new faces at the seminar and I thought the same thing when I saw your avatar! 😉

    The seminar was a great way to start the new season. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys in the pits and racing you on the track.

    Thanks Doug, Jeff, Greg and Mrs. Welch (sorry I don’t know your name yet) for your hospitality and sharing so much of your hard earned knowledge about kart setup. I can’t wait for the next seminar.

    Sheldon Potter

    Dohhhh!!!! Sounds like it was even better than I’d thought. So sorry I couldn’t attend. I’d just called a few days earlier to reserve; I’m registered for all of them but have had a sick little feline racer on my hands.

    Sheldon Potter

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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