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    Stan Bryniarski

    Over the past weekend, Lee Seagel Hosted Rounds 3&4 of the RMPKC series.
    I would like to take the opportunity to Thank Lee and Ivy for the sincere hospitality they displayed this last weekend. :jump

    Example, {all the attended knew} That RMPKC hosted a Friday dinner as an opportunity to sit down, do al little bench racing and just plain have an hour of relaxation, communicate and share future ideas at the track.(Been a while)
    Burger, Brats, Dogs, chicken were on the menu.
    If it were not for Laura, Lee and Tony taking off on a mad dash across the plains, we would never had the opportunity to pull this all together. Its one thing to drive into the local store, but for these three to round up all the necessities and pull thiss off gets a huge thank you from me and I am sure all who attended. :clap:
    This is wheat Friday nights at the track need to be! :dance: [/color”>[/color]

    Thanks Everyone involved and who donated to a great evening



    Stan Bryniarski

    stacey cook


    Thank you and your entire staff for trying to make Colorado karting better for all of us! Also Lee and Ivy for working their tale off to give us a fun, exciting track to race on. Really unfortunate that the Colorado karters choose to stay home and not support people that work so hard and take all the risk to give us a place to do what we love.

    I really like SKUSA’s rule that you have to run at least 50% of your regional series to get an entry into Vegas this year! Unfortunately there is not going to be very many Colorado karters enjoying the Super Nats in 2014!

    Tony LaPorta

    Stan said it best.

    Lee and Ivy are a great group of people, who have taken what used to be CRE, and have made it a heck of a facility that is now proudly SBR Motorsports.

    I will be honest and level with all of you on this forum. When Stan called me and asked me what he thought of us (The RMPKC) holding a race at SBR in Calhan, I thought he was crazy. With no disrespect to Lee, Ivy or anyone else, I did not believe that SBR could adequately host a regional event like the RMPKC.

    I was (for probably not the last time) very wrong. After four years away from CRE, Lee has done a heck of a job turning CRE into SBR.

    It is no secret that we did not have the entries that a race like this deserved. Go look at the mylaps, and you will see that. However, despite the low entries and small fields, the SKUSA staff (Stan, Shelby, and Laura) put in hours of work, and made this event better than Id ever expected it would have been. From the cookout Friday night, to Stan challenging the tuners to a rental kart race Saturday night I had a blast.

    Oh yea, and how bout SKUSA GIVING AWAY an entry to this years SuperNats??? I mean, as much as Id love to race for a Briggs Motor and all, a free trip to the SuperNats sounds just a tad better. But then again, what do I know? I just read a book about karting once, thats all.

    The fact that we had plenty of racers verbally commit to this race only to not show up speaks about the poor health of Colorado karting, and it is sad to see. What is NOT sad to see is how much fun those who did attend SBR this weekend had. I for one truly do feel bad for those of you who chose not to make this race this past weekend.

    We’ll see you at the next one, or not. Either way Im gonna keep enjoying the best racing this state is going to offer.

    Stan, great job this weekend. And thank you to all the drivers and teams who did support this event, after saying you would!

    See ya all in Junction.

    stacey cook


    As usual great job this weekend! I still want a shot at you in the rental karts 🙂

    Lee Seigel

    To Stan, Tony, & Stacey

    Thank you all very much for the praise !!

    Ivy and I have put many hours of hard work and lots of money into making SBR a first rate karting facility for everyone to enjoy. Our hard work was rewarded when all who attended said they liked the track, it was fun, and thought the facility was great!!

    However I was sadden and disappointed to think there are so many karters so close, but for what ever reason they had, could not make the effort to participate in this event, it really was there loss.

    And to finish Ivy and I would like to thank everyone who attended for making a fun weekend at SBR. :jump

    Lee & Ivy Seigel
    SBR Motorsports Park

    stacey cook

    Lee you and Ivy should be very proud we the Colorado Karting Community should be the ones that are ashamed!

    Stan Bryniarski

    When I first started karting, I raced at a track called Lake Village.
    It was owned and operated by Chuck and Rose Livingood. Pretty much the same passion as Lee and Ivy.
    A loving couple who extended their love to the karting community.
    I could not help but relive my early karting days at SBR. Hence the reason I got my butt back into a kart for the weekend.
    I had an awesome time, both racing, directing and just plain being a part of what karting is all about.
    Good times, great racing and plain old fun at the track with friends.
    Lee, Ivy, thank you so much for bringing me back to my roots the fun of what karting is all about.
    You both have a great facility and it will only grow as racers realize what a great facility you have.
    Grand Junction, a great facility, Miller another, now we need to add SBR to yet another great facility for the Rocky Mountain.
    True, there is one hotel in town. But when is the last time you actually camped out at the track.
    True, there is limited places to buy supplies and eat, but “Roosters” has a great dinner menu that will feed a team under $100 and the “Rocky Mountain Oysters” were great!
    All I have to say is, if you want to get back to your roots in karting and you live close to the Colorado Springs area, you need to bring the family and spend a weekend at SBR and remember why you got into karting in the first place!

    Thank you Lee and Ivy for bring me back to the reason why I started karting!


    Stan Bryniarski
    RMPKC Series Director and a forever fan of SBR!

    Lee Seigel

    Thanks again Stan, for a great weekend you and your crew will always be welcome at SBR !!

    And Stacey the only thing you need to be ashamed of is running over my colvert hehe.

    Lee & Ivy
    SBR Motorsports Park

    Mike Urban

    Thanks so much to Stan, Lee, and the SKUSA
    and SBR staff for a great weekend of racing!
    It was my first visit to SBR and I really enjoyed
    it. It was an added treat to get out and enjoy
    the Track on Sunday! Hope we go back to
    SBR again for the 2015 RMPKC!

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