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    Mike Jansen

    Does anyone have any Rich Vito stickers for thier helmets?
    I bought a new helmet and although Rich might not be here, he’s here in spirit and I’d like to honour him.

    I’ll be at Centennial this weekend. Drop on by if you can.

    Thanks everyone, safe racing this weekend, this season, always.

    And so it begins… 8)

    Rick Schmidt

    I think I might Mike

    Troy Smith

    I have a bunch left. Any interested parties drop me a PM and I’ll get one to you.

    Gayle Vito

    Rich would be honored and pleased that you still remember him and want to wear his stickers! Today is one year since the accident and yesterday was a race Sunday. I thank everyone for all they did during the last year. The funds raised helped me get through the year and all the thoughts and prayers kept the family going through the tough times.

    I also thank everyone who came to the memorial service. I didn’t get to speak to all of you, but I knew you were there to honor Rich and support my sons and I.

    I hope you have a wonderful season–that’s what Rich would want.

    Gayle Vito

    Mike Jansen

    Thanks Gayle. Rich will ALWAYS be in my thoughts as well as you.

    I miss seeing him at the races, he didn’t LIKE Centennial but he never ever gave up and his smile was missing there this weekend. I know he was number one spectator…


    [email protected]

    Hey Guys, I think it’s great you’re keeping Rich’s memory alive.

    I imagine Gayle needs that as much as ever, nice job.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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