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    Curt Kistler

    We are going to run #45 on the front plate, and #22 on the rear. Jansens # on the side pods.
    I paid Angie $300.00 for this privelage so deal with it.

    Where’s the rule book dammit!

    Mike Jansen

    @Doug Welch wrote:

    If they won’t let us run what we brung, some one can kiss where the sun don’t shine. And trust me, from those that have seen it, its ugly!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Doug. You’re a REAL pal. It took me a week to get rid of the Borat visual. And I’m right back there again.



    Alright, I’m eating dinner!

    And Doug. Just who all has seen it?

    Curt Kistler

    @Curt Kistler wrote:

    When will the 2007 CSC rule book be posted? Are they the same as 2006? Will there be any 125 Spec Moto changes? (IE: Some tweaking to the rules may happen.)

    Thanks you in advance.

    :bump ????????????????????????????

    Curt Kistler

    At least give me the 2007 CSC spec honda 125 shifter rules for God’s sake.

    Thank you,

    Justin Mueller

    It looks to me as if basically as long as you are not running NOS anything else goes nobody seems to be responding It’s a honda without NOS Run It :idn:

    Angie MacEwen

    Curt, Thanks for your patience.

    11.3 Spec 125 Shifter ?
    11.3.1 Engine -The 1999 Honda CR125 ?kit motor? is generally accepted as the motor that the class is designed around. Cylinder Cylinder must be unaltered 1999 CR125. No Modifications allowed to the cylinder height, port inlets, passages, or port windows of the OEM part as supplied from Honda. The cylinder must be as cast, no modifications, and no replating for any reason. Cylinder Height Minimum is 3.311? min to 3.316? max, measured from the cylinder base to the head surface. Exhaust Valves (power valves) may be removed and plugged. Plug is a non-tech item and may be blended to match the exhaust port. All modifications to plug must be done prior to installation in cylinder and no grinding, polishing, or machining of any type may be done to the exhaust port. Allowable Base Gasket Thickness: .010? – .030? Exhaust Port – Cylinder top Minimum Distance: 1.145″ (29.08 mm) Stroke: 2.149″ (54.59 mm) maximum Bore: 2.129″ (54.10 mm) Maximum Cylinder Head 1998-1999 CR125 Cylinder Head only. No modification to the OEM combustion chamber volume, shape, or dimensions. Combustion Chamber Profile must match the approved Shockwave 99 CR125 Cylinder Head Gage. Cylinder Head Gasket will be OEM only. Thickness =.010? + or -.001?. Cooling spigots may be replaced with a substitute in the original location. One spigot may be plugged for single water outlet. Combustion Chamber Profile Using approved Shockwave 99 CR125 Cylinder Head Gage, inspect Parabola of Chamber Dome and Squish recess for apparent gaps greater the .005″ deep. Spark Plug sealing surface must be above spark plug stem of gage. The overall height is measured also. “The “go” portion of the stem of the profile gage should protrude above the spark plug sealing surface. The “No Go” portion of the stem should not.” Piston to Cylinder Deck Minimum is .025″ (.63mm) Crankcase Crankcase halves must be OEM.
    Internal Crankcase modifications are not allowed with the following exception. Minor grinding of casting flash is allowed but only to eliminate the possibility of flash breaking off and damaging the motor. Kick Starter may be removed and plugged. Legacy Cases (fully modified cases) the use of legacy cases, i.e., may be utilized. The legacy cases may be used but must utilize the other stock components such as cylinder, head, ignition etc. A weight penalty may be imposed (10 pounds). The use of Legacy cases will be approved through 2007. If the legacy cases are replaced, the new stock cases must comply with the ?no internal or external modifications? rules. Crankshaft Crankshaft must be OEM Honda CR125 any year. The crankshaft main bearing journals may be polished for slip fit of bearings. Precision alignment of crank is allowed. No material may be added or removed from Crank Wheels or Rod. No ?heavy metal? balancing allowed. Connecting rod Connecting rod must be OEM with no lightening or polishing. Bearings, piston pin and cir-clips are non-tech items but must be of the original design, weight and size. Piston 1999 OEM Flat Top design. Direct replacement only, OEM or aftermarket. This piston has a window and cannot be replaced with non-window piston. Piston Ring Minimum Thickness: .038″ (.96 mm) as measured with calipers. Bearings All crankshaft and rod bearings must be steel material. Gaskets and seals Seals and gaskets are non-tech. Seals must be same size and diameter as OEM. Clutch Stock OEM 1999 CR125 Clutch Basket and Pressure Plate must be used. No modifications allowed to any component. All 7 Clutch disks and 6 Clutch Plates must be installed. Aftermarket replacement clutch discs, plates, springs and hardware parts are allowed. Transmission Transmission Bearings are to be steel material only.
    Micro polishing of Gears is allowed. Five or six gears are allowed.
    Gears are per the 1994-96 ratios as follows;
    First – 14/33
    Second – 15/28
    Third – 19/29
    Fourth – 21/27
    Fifth – 23/26
    Sixth – 24/24 Water pump Water pump must be used as originally intended. No external or axle driven pumps allowed.

    11.3.2 Induction System Carburetor Approved carburetors are:
    Keihin PWM, Keihin PWK, Mikuni TMX38
    No modifications allowed. No polishing, grinding or machining allowed. Venturi Diameter may not exceed 38.6 mm in diameter measured from the first .450? of the Venturi diameter downstream from the slide. Round bore only Pump-around Carburetor Fuel Feed Systems are allowed. Fuel Pump Fuel Pump(s) must be driven by pulse pressure in the motor. No Electronic Fuel Pumps. Dual Fuel Pumps for Pump around Carburetors allowed. Fuel Pump must be a separate component from the Carburetor. Carburetor Boot The stock 1999 CR125 30? Boot is recommended. The RS125 Straight Boot or the RS125 5? boots are allowed For Seat Clearance Purposes. However, the Stuffer Lobes of the Straight Boot and the 5? boot must be cut off flush with mounting surface and may not extend into Reed cage. Reed cage and Reeds Reeds are open but must be single petal design. No dual stage reed petals Reed cage must be 1999 CR125 6-Petal Design. No material may be added or removed. Reed Stops must be 1999 CR125. Bending stops to fit into unaltered reed throat of crankcase is allowed. No removal of material from Reed Stops allowed. Air Filters and Air Boxes Motor may be equipped with either Air Filter or Air box. Air Box Requirements may be imposed by Local Track regulations.

    11.3.3 Exhaust System Pipe/Expansion chamber The Pipe/Expansion chamber is restricted to the following:
    RLV 6800 series also marked as (RLV-R2)
    RCE T3
    The Pipe/Expansion chamber Maximum Circumference is 17-1/8? (440mm) measured at the drum/dwell section. Addition of exhaust gas temperature lead is legal, but hole must be plugged if exhaust temp lead is not used. External mounting brackets may be added. Silencer Silencer should be a minimum of 10″ long by 2-1/2″ in diameter. Tracks that have noise emission requirements shall provide any necessary supplemental rules for where noise abatement is required. Exhaust Flange The exhaust flange is open but aftermarket headers may not alter the effective length of the
    exhaust system by more than plus or minus .050?.

    11.3.4 Ignition Coil Coil must be Stock 1999 Honda CR125 Coil. CDI Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) must be Stock 1999 Honda CR125. Denso Part Number 071000-1410 should be legible on Tag. Flywheel and stator Flywheel and stator must be Stock 1999 Honda CR125 parts. No material may be removed from Flywheel. Flywheel Key may not be machined to offset timing. Stator may be mechanically advanced or retarded but must remain in a fixed position while running. Stator Plate may be slotted for adjustment. Spark Plug and Ignition Wires The spark plug manufacturer is open, but the plug must be commercially available and measure 18.5mm long by pitch M14 x 1.25. Exception: The spark plug washer may be removed to facilitate the use of a cylinder head temperature sensor and the gap of the electrode may be adjusted. Ignition Wires are non-tech. No additional components may be electrically connected to the CDI or Coil. Only an inductive RPM sensor may be used

    11.3.5 Ancillaries Studs, Bolts and washers are non-tech.

    Curt Kistler

    Thank you Angie, I appreciate it.
    Will there be any changes to the ICC pro shifter set up from last year? I know the class has has been combined with moto motors, but other than that, what are the motor limits and weights for the ICC package? CSC and club differences?

    Thanks again in advance.

    Kurt Freiburg

    Is the year of the cylinder still up for discussion? I thought the supply of ’99 cylinders ran out in June or so. Did someone find a bunch or start making them again? If not, we should seriously consider opening this up to ’99-’02.

    Angie MacEwen

    Kurt, I spoke with Dave Larson today, and he said that availability is not going to be an issue. He said he has been watching the situation closely, and has determined that sticking with 99 is the best, and there won’t be a problem with supply. You can reach Dave at 866-489-3283 if you want to know more.

    Curt, I am double checking, but don’t think there is anything to be changed in the 125 shifter class. It is the same rules that were for the Pro and/or Novice 125 class in 06. Was there something in particular that you were concerned about?


    Brian Robson

    The supply issue isn’t an issue as of now.


    Doug Welch

    Cylinders are in stock. I ordered one from Service Honda last week and it arrived this week. Kit engines are readily available. I talked with Extream Motorsports yesterday and they have quit a few in stock.

    Kurt Freiburg

    You mean the ‘lil ol’ voice of the karting market was heard by the motorcycle market? Amazing!

    Thanks Angie, Brian, and Doug.

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