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    Adam Rylance

    I’m selling my Rotax Sr Evo engine. The engine has 4 races and 5 or so practice days on it. This was a lottery engine at the 2018 Canadian Open and was brand new for that race, then I bought it and used it for the 2019 season. The cylinder on this engine is one of the new 2018 cylinders, designed with the purpose of being competitive against any of the top cylinders on the market. As a result, although this engine is stock, it is still a competitive package.

    Included in this package is:

    -The complete engine block with the carb, airbox, radiator, wiring harness (as shown in the pictures)

    -Two Evo exhausts

    -Extra Evo Exhaust Silencer

    -Exhaust mounting kit with extras

    -Extra Carburetor

    -Extra Powervalve

    -Extra Spark Plug (Denso IW27)

    -Rotax Piston

    -Extra radiator

    -Three Rotax clutches

    -Two Rotax clutch drums (no sprocket)

    -Two Rotax clutch drums (with sprockets, 12&13 tooth)

    – Four 12 tooth driver sprockets

    -One 13 tooth drive sprocket

    -Extra fuel pump


    -Four airbox filters

    -Jet kit (jets are pinned)

    -Rotax User Manual

    -Battery box with battery

    -Ignition/starter cable assembly

    The amount of accessories in this package means its value is much higher than what I’m listing it for. If interested or have any questions, send me a message!

    Matt Langer


    Give me a call about your Rotax motor package.

    303-253-zero zero 84


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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