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    Justin Mueller

    Can someone record the race to a dvd tonight I would love a copy of it I will not be able to watch it so if anyone can get it done let me know I will pay you for it thanks Justin 720-971-0218 for anyone that does not know it is on the altitude channel at 8pm

    Angie MacEwen

    Justin, I am recording it.

    larry toby

    Altitude did a great job! It was a good show with great camera angles, expert commentary and good flow. Kudos to Jim for having the foresight to plan this kind of coverage and for sponsoring the costs.

    In addition to great race coverage the show presented karting in a positive light. It made karting feel mainstream, healthy and accessible to folks from all walks of life.

    Rick Schmidt

    Diito! What Larry said.

    Great production, camera placement and Mr Wright kept the commentary accurate. And Jim has a pretty “TV” Face.

    The Kyle Ray interview was very good too.

    Brings our sport to a new level.


    Did the cameras make me look fat?


    Kirk Deason

    @FTK51 wrote:

    Did the cameras make me look fat?


    No Andy, that was your driving suit that makes you look fat. You missed a fun viewing party at J.D.’s Bait Shop. Keesling doesn’t mess around when there is Jaegermeister involved.

    Rick Schmidt

    It wasn’t the camera Andy!

    By the way. Great job at the Grands.


    While I agree with you guys that it is great that we have some karting on TV and that it is a good thing in general…I gotta say that I am very unimpressed with Altitudes coverage. Yes I’m prepared for the wrath to come but look at this production honestly. While my opinion may sound harsh it is honest.

    While watching the footage last night I was disappointed. The whole thing seemed way too ‘rookie’. There was very little in board shots and most of the focus was on the race leaders exclusively throughout the whole race. The in board shots that were shown lasted for 3 seconds at most. The commentary was weak at best and they couldn’t even announce (introduce) a complete field-not once. Many drivers on track weren’t even shown once. There was absolutely no coverage of the busy pits or parc furme and the interview with Joe Ramos was ridiculous! I know I sound harsh but if you werent into karting would you have stay tuned to this?
    The real terrible part was when they crammed the last 2 seconds of the senior race in at the end-horrible! They didnt explain the end of the Senior race or the delay etc.

    I’m sorry but I cant just go along and say that this was great because honestly it was pretty lame. 2 hours is a lot of coverage. How come I felt like I was watching 15 minutes of the same thing for 2 hours. I think Altitude should be embarrassed. Sorry to sound so harsh but its disappointing to see a great opportunity wasted. I do applaud Jim for his efforts but feel like Altitude dropped the ball.

    I know I may get slaughtered for this but remember it is my opinion only.
    Watch it again and I think you’ll see what I mean. Wide screens make everyone look fat! And HD wide screen..well lets just say that I’m glad I’m not on TV!

    Mike Jansen

    I have to agree with Speilberg, err Joe. They filmed follow the leader and missed some spectacular accidents and or passes. Of course, how many cameras did they have there vs. the coverage at a Champ or IRL race?
    While Andy’s goatee makes him look a little chunky (it’s the HGH isn’t it Andy?) you have to admit, this is a fantastic start and bravo for raising the bar folks! This IMO is a great start! Thanks Jim for your continued enhancement to the Colorado Karting community.



    Yeah- I realize its not F1 coverage-just thought it could have been better. The piece on Kyle Ray was good-maybe a little long. How many other CO racers even appeared on screen? No Roman, Rodney, Mikey and the others? very little JD. One of our drivers in my pit was a 17 year old girl from Florida racing DD2. That would’ve been a nice change and a good little story. She was cute and fast and would’ve made a great interview-not one shot-even on track-oh well. Just wish they would’ve mixed it up a bit. Cant win em all.

    larry toby


    I think your criticisms have merit but keep things in perspective. Are there better TV productions ? you bet. And what do those productions cost? Millions of dollars. This was a local production where the cost had several less zeros than your mainstream TV productions. With that in mind and compared to any karting coverage I have seen to date, this was a huge step forward. Put it this way, I wouldn?t be embarrassed to show this to any of my non-karting friends. While they may have stumbled a bit here and there they did do a lot of things well. All in all, I still found it to be a great production that can be built upon. Don?t miss the roses because of the thorns.


    You’re correct Larry. I seem to like to get caught up in the thorns.
    I’m critical because I know what it could have been.

    Garrick Mitchell

    Personally, I thought the production quality (camera work) was top-shelf. Sure they focused on the leaders, but they did show a whole lap of Maverick “pink helmet” Bartlett while discussing his climb through the Masters field.

    It would’ve been nice to show a lap from a helmet cam while discussing the track layout. I was also reminded that cramming the view of the track into the TV screen doesn’t do TTAC justice. How lucky we are to have this place. 8)

    I agree that the jump from Lap 12 to red/checkers in the Senior race left me kind of deflated. Surely the other races could’ve each been trimmed a wee bit to fit in the drama of the rain starting to fall? Too bad. :idn:

    In the final analysis, I don’t think the show will scare away any prospective karters. If you’re warped enough to want a kart in the first place, the action at Grands would just get your blood pumping more. :loony:


    I have seen several karting events televised and I thought this was pretty good. As Larry pointed out, for such a small budget production they did a very good job. It looks like they cover the “one ball” sports for the most part, so again I thought they did a good job. I liked the onboard footage, I wish too there was more of it, but Jack Brady’s (Jr. Max) footage of getting ran over was amazing and Brandon Moore’s footage looked like his foot was touching the rear bumper of the kart in front of him in Mini Max (and both events I didn’t know about until their coverage). Hey, I saw my son a few fleeting shoots (mostly from Brandon’s footage), but it was nice to see and hear his name at the start and finish of his race.

    Overall I thought is was good for the sport and great for Colorado Karting. Many thanks Jim Keesling and Altitude!! I believe my son and I will enjoy this DVD through the years.

    I also liked the section on Kyle Ray and Jim’s piece too….

    Jon Romenesko

    Ok, so it wasn’t perfect…but this is the first time this was ever televised, keep that in mind. Also, how many times has altitude produced a show on motor racing? For a first effort, i thought it was pretty good. There isn’t nearly enough karting on tv, and just seeing a special like this (2 hours long?! awesome!) was great. It was a very good effort on altitude and jim’s part, how many average altitude viewers even have a clue what karting is all about? How often do you see a kart race televised? This was GREAT exposure for our sport….even beyond the fact that one of the country’s biggest kart races was held in CO. Most people still think of karting as those things you rent at Boondocks (IMO, they really should have explained what a modern kart is all about for the general populous)….or those things you buy for $500 so your kids can goof around in a parking lot or backyard.

    I loved it, lets hope that this idea takes off and we see all the big races televised in the future. Its getting more frequent…every once and a while, karting sneaks onto SPEED. Supernats and Rock Island anyone? 8) Why SPEED hasnt picked those up yet is beyond me.

    Hope all the CO karters were glued to the TV yesterday like i was! :cheers:

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