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    Roger Miller

    On behalf of the board of Directors and PPKRC, we’d like to thank all the drivers who supported PPKRC in its second season. This last weekend again confirmed that we are on the right track with our philosophy of being open to everyone and having a class that meets the needs of the drivers. We had roughly 30 drivers show up in late October to race in beautiful weather and at a great facility like PPIR. We had 11 classes and everyone had a great time. Ya, some of you will do the math and say how many were in each class, if your doing the math, you’re missing the point, we had a class for everyone. The drivers didn’t care, you could tell by the smiles on their faces when they got on the podium, Kids and Adults alike. We ran open tire, open fuel, ROTAX, Leopard, Honda, Briggs, Vampire, KTM, ICC, whatever you wanted to bring down. The point is that we can all race together, make it safe, make it fun, make it competitive and make it affordable. Yes we did have a national points series in the middle of all of this with TAG USA, and yes some of our drivers went to Nationals, and yes some didn’t and didn’t want to, but we all had fun racing with each other and supporting those who wanted to Go Big. We found a way to race at other tracks and with other clubs and had fun doing it, its all about your attitude and whether you want to race or stay at home.

    NO we don’t have the magic solutions to whats going on, we can’t force folks to get off their behinds if they don’t want to, but for those who do, they’re having fun racing. Race where you want, but be supportive of all that do race, even if your not racing go out and watch a race. PPKRC urges all drivers to to support all tracks and clubs and put the past behind us. The longer we stew about the past, the fewer we’ll have to race against in the future.

    Some of us really don’t care what happened in the past and who did what to who, all we care about is the next race and were it is. We need to realize that there are many different ways to skin a cat, and that nobody has a monopoly on racing as to where and how it happens. Many of us have been in racing in one form or another and this stuff exist everywhere, what most of us do is find the track, club or organization that best meets our needs and then races there. What isn’t going to happen is for there to the magic pill for Colorado karters to swallow to make this all go away, get over it.

    The solution rest with our attitudes, each of us needs to learn to respect the difference in opinions and how we all run things. There are only a few who provide venues, and organizations and if we don’t start respecting the differences, they’ll all go away and we’ll end up with no place to race.

    Some may be left behind by their own actions or attitudes and thats OK, we need to find those who really want to race, promote karting and move forward.

    PPKRC we will continue to run our race series as an inclusive club that has a class for everyone, we will promote and support every club, track and promoter and will participate in any series. What we will not do is participate in anything that is exclusive and doesn’t include all drivers, clubs or tracks as part of a Colorado Series. Some one needs to lead by example and put the past behind us. Lets move forward, not look back and grow Colorado Karting.


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