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    Shelley Bailey

    PPKRC, along with several amazing volunteers, have finished the track layout for the race extravaganza this weekend at PPIR! The length of the track has been extended to about 3200 feet, we’ve tightened up the chicane and added several hairpins for a challenging, yet fun layout. Chicane’s are a prime location for overtaking, so get focused and get ready to compete!

    We will also be hosting a mexican fiesta dinner with fajitas and the works, compliments of Jordan Iglesias at Rancho Liborio, so join us in the garages at 5:00 Saturday night! Bring your own chairs!!

    See you at 8!!

    Let’s Race…


    gunter desanti

    Checked it out this afternoon, great layout, Fast? Yes, Technical? Definately.
    Gearing? The Track,starting point.Times? Tag low to mid 50s. Safe? as safe or safer than most.Fun? wait and see.

    Joe Rosse

    Sounds like good times on and off the track! :wave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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