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    I purchased Tony’s kart and went out to IMI on Saturday. I thought that I was pushing the traction circle untill I followed Highlander around a for a few laps. These karts have absurd amounts of traction!!

    The G forces are just stupid. Suffice to say I have a sore neck, shoulders, back and hand muscles today. I assume that it will get better but most corners were pretty much a blurr and total fascination each time we got through. I am told that there are only a few places that one lifts or brakes at IMI so once the lines are right it is a case of having huge attachments.

    I was doing 59s lap times so there is a long way to go and I can’t wait to get onto the track again.

    Mike Jansen

    Welcome to karting Craig.
    In the winter time what’s nice to do is let people know when you’re going out so we can make it “the more the merrier!”
    I’m done for 2006 but will be back out starting mid January, can’t wait!

    Start working on your neck muscles, shoulders and if your forarms are toast, you’re holding on too tight!


    Thanks Mike,

    It was by design that I went to Erie and told no one the first time out.

    I raced SCCA before and also ride off-road motorcycles; arm pump has long been a problem and I assure you, I was holding on for dear life. I am sure I will learn to relax a little.

    I have two questions:

    1. My right foot seemed to be leaning against the throttle cable and resulted in my giving more throttle input than I liked especially on left hand turns. Is this normal? Any solutions?

    2. Does one attempt to lean into the corner or just let the G-forces push ones torso into the side of the seat?



    Sounds like you had a great first day! If your already running in the 59s on your first day in a kart and no experience at IMI, you are doing really well.

    As far as your muscles go, Mike is right, your just holding on too tight. I had the same experience when I started. Your body will get used to it, and you will certainly start to relax the more you’re in the kart.

    My foot has rubbed against the throttle cable in the past, and it can screw with your approach or exit from a turn, but I must have figured out how to adjust my foot because it hasn’t happened in some time.

    I don’t lean into turns. Not sure what others do.

    Glad to hear you put in some good laps. I look forward to seeing you at the track, when I’m back on my feet. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

    Good to hear about your day. I was curious how it went.


    send me your address so I can send you the torsion bar and Mychron manual.



    Thanks, I had a well sorted kart, SCCA experience and Graeme to follow. It was case of following his lines and believing that if he could make it through the corner at that ridiculous speed then I could. No talent, just sheer blind beginner naivity.

    I ran the motor in properly in the morning. I had to adjust the pedals down quite a bit because my ankles were getting tired where they were. A combination of the adjustment and my foot leaning on the cable resulted in the throttle cable braking. Judging by the amount of inventory on hand at IMI, I figure I wasn’t the first. $3!!! Nothing cost $3 in SCCA.

    Had an absolute blast. Will head to “the track” next.

    I downloaded the manual. Is the software downloadable?


    Sam Vickery

    Craig, long time no talk to….hope all is well. Sounds like your kart handles a bit better than an SM 😀 . I’ll see you at the tracks this summer. Looks like me and my boy’s will be racing karts….no more SCCA for me for awhile.

    Sam Vickery


    Good to hear from you. This time around I decided to buy a used kart rather than buy a new one [or build a SM from the ground up].

    SMs handle very well but these karts are out of this world. Will be racing against each other?


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