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    Curt Kistler

    Just released at , the 2011 tire program for all SKUSA events. The staff at SKUSA Mountain Region will be releasing information on how you can purchase these tires locally as soon as we get dealerships set up. Please contact us here or at with questions in the meantime.
    Thank You,
    Curt Kistler

    MG Tires Extends Partnership with Superkarts! USA in Conjunction with Release of New Spec Race Tire

    Continuing what has been a prosperous partnership for many years, MG Tires and Superkarts! USA would like to jointly announce that they have extended their spec tire relationship for 2011 and beyond. In addition to the Brazilian manufacturer serving once again as the official tire for all SKUSA events, including the second edition of the Pro Tour and the company’s growing number of regional series, the 2011 season will mark the debut of the new specially branded MG-SK ‘SKUSA (white)’ tire, which will be utilized in all official Superkarts! USA events (except for the TaG Cadet class, which will remain on the MG-HZ ‘red’ tires). The new MG-SK tire is based on the proven and popular FZ compound, with only a small compound change put into effect to extend the durability of the tire. The new tire also comes with the official ‘SKUSA’ markings in the mold, further cementing the connection between the two companies.

    “Our long relationship with Tom Kutscher and Superkarts! USA is extremely important to us and we’re very happy to have been able to continue our partnership,” offers Wagner Rossi, the owner of WR Motorsports, the North American importer for MG Tires. “We are excited to see SKUSA’s continuing growth with their Pro Tour and, of course, the SuperNationals in Las Vegas. In working with Tom for 2011, we have made a slight compound adjustment at his request to provide his racers with increased durability in the new MG-SK.”

    “We tested the MG-FZ and MG-SK back-to-back, comparing both tires, and the lap times were virtually identical,” Rossi added. “The SKUSA tire held its performance for a little longer than the FZ, which is what Tom was looking for. We’re extremely pleased with the result.”

    The new spec MG tire for Superkarts! USA will come with ‘SKUSA’ branding

    MG Tires has been the official tire of SKUSA since 2005, and is utilized in the organization’s regional and national programs, as well as by many clubs and tracks around North America. The new MG-SK ‘SKUSA’ compound is the next step for both the racing organization and the tire manufacturer, as they aim to provide the best product on the market for the racers. Superkarts! USA will act as the official distributor for the new spec tire and will work closely with the shops, teams and competitors that support SKUSA to make this the best program possible.

    “We’re thrilled to have been able to come to a win-win agreement with MG Tires to extend our relationship, as we know that our customers believe in the product,” said Tom Kutscher, Superkarts! USA President. “I wanted to provide more durability in our tire for 2011 in keeping with our goal of being the best value in karting. MG is a great company to work with and we’re really looking forward to the new year with this new ‘SKUSA’ tire.”

    Superkarts! USA has now taken delivery of the first shipment of the new MG-SK tire, which will make its official competition debut at the opening round of the ProKart Challenge South series at Adams Kart Track in Riverside, CA on February 4-5, 2011.

    For more information on MG Tires and the different compounds it manufacturers, visit . To find out about the Superkarts! USA events near you, head to their website .

    Joe Rosse


    I’m having a hard time understanding where SKUSA is going. SKUSA is trying to grow, yet in the last couple days we’ve learned that in order to race in the series we have to purchase wide rear bumpers and a specialized tire. According to the release the SKUSA-branded tire performs pretty much identically to the MG Yellow that has been the staple of Colorado kart racing for years. Apparently it wears a bit better–a good thing–but it means that if we want to race in multiple series we need to stock two different types of nearly identical tires. How does this encourage us to add SKUSA to our racing plans? I’m not trying to be negative, but I just don’t get it.

    Curt Kistler

    Great questions, and here is my 6am reply to them.
    First the bumpers: All of karting is moving to the full width bumper for the main reason being safety. The new homolagation of every kart next year will carry full width bumpers and it’s something that is going to happen anyway. I have mixed emotions on them, but will comply to the new rules. With the weight we need to add to our race craft you may just see Matt out there with a railroad tie bolted to his frame.

    Second the tires: In order for anything to grow it takes sales. The new tire will enable SKUSA and the SKUSA Regions an opportunity to generate the cash necessary to produce quality races, with quality workers. I do not have all of the specifics, and do not want to say something today that will put my foot into my mouth. I can do that very well without the help of karting.
    Look at it this way please, you need to purchase tires to race, the new MG-SK White will perform at the same level, mount the same, and look the same. You should be able to get more laps out of them according to the reports, and they just may be cheaper than the Yellows. You will be able to purchase these from your current MG dealer, and they too will also have the opportunity to generate some cash for their growth. I do not see any issues with this tire.

    There are still many details that need to be worked out in the Mountain Region before this tire hits the shelves. We are working on them daily. If you talk to any MG dealer today they will all tell you they have heard nothing out of us. Time will tell how this will all work out.

    Thanks for your questions,



    The spec SKUSA tire does complicate tire management for us because we’ll have different series in Colorado requiring different tires now. I hope the spec tire will be cheaper because before I could get a discount by buying enough tires to cover all my racing in Colorado. Now with number of races for each type of tire cut in half, I doubt I will buy enough sets to qualify for a discount.

    What about the other part of the SKUSA rule that requires two CIK or CIK-style side pods with side bars? Are those a different style of side pod or does that refer to the same old sidepod bars we’ve been using?


    Greg Welch

    As for the bumpers, its time. I’d like to see them required on cadets and kid karts as well. Its nice not to get your rad/pipe/shoulder run over for a change.

    Charles, The bars for the pods should be the same, the just have to have a cik plate or etching on them. the ones that came with your CRG and Intrepid should have them.

    As for the tires, I don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain to me how a new 4th tire option for the state in all of our different series is going to help unify the racers, which I thought was the easiest way for a series to pull cash?

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