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    Troy Smith
    Kirk Deason

    Good job, Tony! Nice write up and good initiative.

    Mike Jansen

    Excellent, I’m impressed!

    stacey cook

    There is no one out there more passionate and true to karting than Tony. He and his mother are wonderful people and represent what karting is truly all about. Yes some aspire to be the next Tony Stewart or Luis Hamilton but nothing better than a family spending time together doing what they love.

    Jon Romenesko

    Ha, nice! Good write up, Tony!

    Curt Kistler

    Nice job Tony, and cudos to you and your mom for coming over the hill.
    Some day Rick and I will explian those jokes to you. 😳
    We had a blast helping you out and I soon realized you are pretty funny as well.
    Hang in there and great things will happen. Don’t change a thing, your passion for racing will pay off very soon.

    Tony LaPorta

    HA!!!! 😆 😆
    Like I didnt ALREADY understand those jokes. Im just to mature to lower myself to YOUR level. JK hahahaha. :loony:
    Joking man.

    Thanks a bunch for the help Curt, in the garage saturday afternoon, and out on the track all weekend.

    Rick Schmidt

    I agree with all the other comments Tony.

    That was some pretty cutting edge humor going on there. A side note; I did apologize to a Mom who was in the shop getting something done and hoping we didn’t offend her. She said she had brothers and thought it was hilarious. And you certainly hold your own.

    Back to the regular programming, great article Tony. We’ve locked horns a few times (I used to be a little immature) but as time goes on everyone grows and the effort you put towards your racing program is really what the essence of karting is all about. I don’t know if everyone knows, if you want to race you pay for everything yourself. That in itself is commendable.

    I’m sure you know there is a lot of spares, skill and support there if you need it.

    Stay at it and good work.


    Mike Jansen

    @Rick Schmidt wrote:

    (I used to be a little immature)

    USED, as in past tense??? 8)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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