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    Jim Keesling

    Good morning all racers!

    The Track has been busy this week preparing for the questionable weekend, again!
    I have listed a few points for all to consider.
    1) you may move into your pit spot anytime today for the weekend.
    2) The Bar-B-Q will be in house for both days
    3) Troy should have the Rich Vito Stickers at The Track today, and you may pick yours up in the Silver Registration trailer.
    4) Gunther’s trailer is right in the middle of the back row, easy for all to get to for the Rich Vito Swap event all weekend.
    5) Please get a transponder from Barry at Billet.
    6) Anti-freeze will be overlooked this weekend only, due to the cold snaps we have been getting.
    7) The Track does not race “wet” at the club level events. We will wait to see how this plays out this weekend.
    8) We are having a new driver meeting at 7:15 am both days.
    9) All license and hard cards are available for pick-up at registration.
    10) The Track has been ground, and is in great condition, and the parking lot, driveway, and grounds are in top shape.
    11) The live TIming and Scoring systems is working, and will be available during actual racing. Bring your laptop for live, in trailer results, tell your family and friends to check it out at home! PA announcements are on FM 91.7
    12) We will have the 12 sets of tires raffle for Racing the Rockies Sunday morning at the drivers meeting.

    Thank you for all your support.
    See you at The Track!

    Mike Jansen


    For those of us who have to drive EARLY to get there: When will you decide the race call due to weather for Saturday? I really don’t want to drive there, drop off my trailer and then drive home again and do it over again Sunday morning.

    Yes, you can call me a mamby pamby (but only this one time) but I’m trying to do my part for carbon caps and global warming and preserving some of that terrorist funded foreign oil.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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