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    Chris Wogrin

    Hi Aaron, Hope you decide to join the fun. TAG, Stock moto, Rotax are all good classes. I’d suggest going to some races and see whats up . You can talk to just about anyone running a class and get a real good feel for what you might what to try.
    Regards Chris Wogrin

    Jon Romenesko

    I’m with Chris, come out to a race and see what this stuff is all about. If you’re not busy this weekend and you fancy a drive, the inagural race of the SKUSA Mountain Region is happening at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain. It’s happening on a temporary track, and that type of track always delivers the fun. Should be Colorado karting at it’s finest.

    As far as what kind of kart to start out with…that’s up to you. Usualy I suggest to a new guy to start in a TaG or similar. The TaG should be more user friendly and rewards smoother driving, forcing you to learn how to preserve momentum. However, it seems that people who come from motocross don’t have too much trouble adapting to the shifter karts. Driving a TaG vs. Shifter couldn’t be more different.

    Personally, I raced Rotax for 4 years and just converted to a shifter this year. Love it. The power is addicting and its fun to bang gears, but I can still recommend the Rotax any day of the week.

    Regarless of what you choose, have fun with it and ask a lot of questions!


    This is just my perspective, and YMMV:
    A TAG helps me improve my driving skills; I have more fun in a shifter. Either way it is a blast!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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