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    I am putting togeather a tool box for the track, does anyone have a list of tools needed for race day. I have a pretty extensive tool collection but I want to put togeather a small tool box that will be dedicated to Karting.


    Jeff Welch

    Full set of metric tools – allen wrenchs, open ends, sockets. Spare 5 & 6mm allens and 10 & 13mm open ends. Long socket extensions for removing wheel nuts.

    Flat screwdrivers, including small ones for changing jets. Phillips screwdriver if any of your hose clamps need them.

    Dykes for cutting zip-ties, some pliers and such (especially needle nose)

    rubber mallet

    tire pressure gauge

    axle removal tool (or a lot of patience)

    Rotax clutch and piston stop tools (I think I remember seeing a rotax engine on the picture of your new kart)

    Tire changing tools, including bead breaker

    Spare nuts and bolts, zip-ties, etc.

    You’ll add more to your toolbox over time, of course, but that’s the basics.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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