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    Troy Smith

    Looking for a little input on gearing at Centennial for a Leopard. I’ve run an 11/83 there in the past w/ RPM’s in the high 14,000 range (can definitely get more RPM’s, low range is due to new driver {me} who is new to the Track as well).

    Anyone feel strongly about going to an 84 or 85 with much better results?


    Kirk Deason

    Troy, I run 11/83 at the track in both directions. Use the ballpark estimation of each tooth +/- your baseline will equal 200 revs, therefore use your baseline and figure out how many revs you want to turn and gear appropriately.

    FYI with 11/83 I am right around 15k, to 15,200 depending on how well I exit the corner before the straight. I want my motor to last a bit so i try not to twist it too high.

    hope that helps.


    Troy Smith


    Thanks! I’m going to go out at 11/83 and try to set some baselines as well as get the revs up to 15K by driving a better line. At that point I may try an 11/84 to see how it affects lap time and revs. I’m not too concerned about torque as it feels pretty strong but I want to run a few tests to be certain.

    I appreciate your input.



    😀 …Just remember…smooth like Senna. No jerky steering inputs, slow in fast out. See ya soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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