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    Doug Welch

    It is hot, I have blisters on my feet from the pavement. The track is VERY sticky. We are working hard to free the kart up. In the last session, we found a bit of speed, we’re .6 off the pace. Good for 19th. 39 in the class. Zip is 1.0 off in 23.

    We made more changes to the kart, looking for more speed. We’ll see in the morning if we found it.

    Rick Schmidt


    Greg can drive a free kart. You need to do your best to give him one!!!

    A lot of that track is horsepower but, there are some critical corners that make all the difference. We were somewhat stuck through the sweeper last time there, it’s a hard corner to tune for. And that was on Mg Reds. Bet you’re glad not to be on those!

    Good luck to the Co Boys. Give it your best! We’re pulling for you guys.

    Marc, whoop some butt.

    Man what fields!!!


    Tony LaPorta

    Good Luck guys, Give um Hell!!!

    Road Runner
    TaG Jr #20
    “No harm No Foul”

    Kirk Deason

    We’re pulling for you guys. Good luck Greg, Zip, and Marc! I’ll be watching this site and EKN for qualifying results.

    I’m offering one free custom driving suit from Orion’s closet for any STARS podium finishers. Good luck gentlemen.

    Curt Kistler

    @Doug Welch wrote:

    It is hot, I have blisters on my feet from the pavement.

    Put some shoes on knucklehead :sun:

    Good luck guys. We will be watching your times and results.

    Doug Welch

    We found some speed, and qualifed 6th. Got freight trained on the start of the prefinal to 9th but pulled back up to 5th. Started the main in 5th, got punted from the rear and fell back to next to dead last, 37th. Pulled back up to finish 17th with a wounded kart.

    Worked like a dog in the hot to put the kart back together, did I mention it was hot? A wind storm came up and blew dust into everything. It was time to go. Give you more updates tomorrow if I have internet.

    Doug Welch

    Sunday started hot. We found more speed but so did everyone else. Saturday we were .2 off pole in 6th, Sunday, we were .249 off pole in 11th. 21 karts were covered by .5 of a second. Fully 29 karts within 1 second. Talk about a fast field.

    We made some changes, not all the right ones for the pre-final. On the start, we got shuffled back and bit, moved back up a bit and then Greg had to hang on to a crappy handling kart. We went the wrong way, finished 14th.

    We made more changes for the main going back a bit. It worked. The kart was a rocket and Greg quickly moved into the lead pack. There was a 14 kart train for the lead. Greg was around 10th. It lasted a couple of laps until all hell broke loose. Greg said he came around a corner and there were karts everywhere. He almost got past when he got hit in the rear, hard. It sheared off his axle on the left side. We were through.

    Zip qualified well, he was coming to grips with the high grip track. He was only .255 back from pole but there was a kart between him and Greg. He broke a seat strut in the pre-final and struggled to finish. In the main, he moved up nicely, from 24th to finish 18th. He learned a lot about this level. I’m sure he will do better next time.

    Kirk Deason

    Good job Greg and Dave! I can’t hold a candle to the level of driving you guys are up against but I hope you both know that all of us in the Colorado Karting community are e-rooting strongly for both of you. Keep fighting hard.



    Thank you Kirk and everyone in the Colorado Karting community. It really means a lot to us to have you guys behind us.

    It was a tough weekend overall. Practice started 6:45 in the morning for us as they moved everthing up an hour to beat the 103 degree heat.

    The first day we qualified 24th and had car problems in the heat and in the main. In fact we did not even take the green flag with the field. By the time we got out on the track the field was taking the green flag only 10 seconds behind us. Needless to say we got black flagged.

    The second day was very promising. We qualified 13th .255 off the pole. Our seat strut on the chasis broke in the heat and we limped to the finish.

    The main was tough but we managed to pull out an 18th finish out of a 38 car field.

    This weeked was a first for me as I turned over the mechanic duties to Ian of Shockwave who did all the work for me. I want to personally thank Ian for all of his hard work. You worked your butt off for us and I appreciate that.

    We learned a lot this weekend as this was our first Stars race. To sum up the weekend I would like to quote a good frined of mine. “What could of happened did”.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone and racing with you guys this weekend at the CSC.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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