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    Doug Welch

    The Rotax Grand national will be held at our very own The Track @ Centenial. Hats off to Jim for making this happen. Dates are August 12-18


    Thats awesome! Any word on dates? I’ll enter it for sure

    Jon Romenesko

    Oh wow, Jim, you are the man! :cheers:

    Got the official announcement in my email not a minute after i read this. Now i really have to join RMax for ’07! :sun:

    It will be held August 12-18th.

    Jim Keesling

    Here we go!!!

    Press Release: December 18, 2006
    The Track at Centennial to host 2007 Grand National
    The Nation?s Highest National Championship ? 5,880 ft. elevation!

    The Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge is proud to announce The Track at Centennial, located just outside Denver, CO will host the 2007 Rotax Grand National August 12-18. Changes to the 2007 Rotax program will make this the largest and most competitive US Grand National ever: there will be no grand regional events, the event has been moved into mid August to help prevent school conflict and the Rotax program structure has been revamped to help strengthen local participation.

    “The Track at Centennial, the Colorado Rotax community and I are looking forward to hosting the 2007 Grand Nationals! We are ready to help put on a great show elevated to a new all time height!” Jim Keesling – President of The Track at Centennial and Series Director of the Mile High Challenge Series. (The Track at Centennial, 8/10 mile)

    In 2007, Rotax will be focusing on its grassroots concepts by placing more emphasis on the Local Series. When applying for a 2007 Rotax Membership starting January 1st each member will choose a ?Home Series? and this will be the only series he/she will be able to qualify to the Grand National through. Each Local Series will be given an allocation of Grand National seats per class and it?s up to each Series Director to create a method for qualifying drivers to the Grand National using the seats they?ve been allocated. These changes will create more competition at the local level and ensure the very best from North America will make it to the Grand National. Competitors who qualify will compete for a spot on the 2007 America?s Team and a chance to represent their country in the olympics of karting at the Rotax World Finals. America?s Team will consist of the podium winners from the Jr., Sr. and DD2 classes and the Master Champion. Over 220 competitors from 60 nations will compete at the 2007 Rotax World Finals in Dubai.

    ?In 2007 we?re getting back to the essence of what Rotax is all about: affordable, competitive racing at the local level. We?re giving the power to each local Series Directors to choose a method of Grand National qualifying that keeps local members captivated and racing throughout the season while preparing them for our main event. The Grand National serves two main purposes: to see who is the best in North America, but more importantly it serves as a reunion for the Rotax Community; an opportunity for friends, families and teammates to come together, have FUN and create memorable experiences in a highly competitive atmosphere. Jim Keesling, Marshall Martin and I will be working closely throughout the year to bring the most customer friendly, professional and well organized event in the United States.? Joe Ramos Jr. – Program Director of the Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge

    When competitors get home from the 2007 Grand National the 2008 season will immediately begin September 1, 2007. Just another way for Rotax members and Local Series to stay competitive throughout the year! Momentum for the Rotax program continues to grow and the program continues to forge new paths getting stronger along the way, come join the ROTAX REVOLUTION. It all starts here!

    For more information on The Track at Centennial visit: or call (303) 706-9300

    For more information on Rotax and the Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge visit or call (888) SSC-Kart.

    Stay tuned… Lots in the works!!!


    Jim and the rotax management:

    I can’t say enough at what you have done for Colorado karting. We needed an event like this for the troops to rise up.

    Man this and the Greeley Grand Prix!!

    All I can say is Thanks-Jim for making it happen!

    Marshall/Joe: Jim knows how to run a first class event-he won’t let you or anybody down.

    Go get it, Jim.

    Joe Hawley

    Great job Jim, I’ll be there.

    Eddy Wyatt

    Congrats Jim

    A great accomplishment for all Colorado Karters and those who have supported the RMC.

    Let’s show all who participate what Colorado can do to promote the series.

    Meek Motorsports, LLC

    Doug Welch

    For those of you who are getting ready to submit your membership for Rotax RMax challenge. If you select the Mile High Challenge as your home series, you can practice at The Track @ Centenial right up till the start of the Grand National. All other series can not practice at The Track for the three weeks prior. One thing to point out, Mile High challenge members can only run the circut backwards to the direction the Grands will run.

    There will be a Mile High Challenge, details are still being worked out including how to alot the slots for the Grands. Tech for the series will be run as close as possible to the national stuff so that our racers are prepared as best we can. I can tell you that all MiniMax drivers and DD2 drivers who meet the minimum number of races in every series in the country get to go. They are trying to build these classes and right now, there is no need to limit the numbers. Junior, International and Master will need to qualify through their local series by the rules the local series sets up.

    To those who have been to the Grand National, you already know the level of competition. To those of you that haven’t, holy cow. These guys are really good!

    We will be doing a chassis seminar this winter like we did last year and we will go over preperation of the kart for these sort of events.

    Mike Jansen

    Wow, and i’ve got a freshly rebuilt rotax (top and bottom) kart for sale. Glad it’s got a seal on it… 8)

    Tom Dennin

    Does anyone know (100% positive) if the mojo tire will be the spec tire for 2007? Tire contracts and sponsor dollars are very fluid.

    Also, what makes a kart work better on MOJO’s vs say the spec MG’s for the CSC? and why?

    Just a note, I stopped racing in the RMAX series as soon as they spec’d the MOJO tire. Has any changes been made to these tires (hardness, compound, etc…) versus when they first became the spec tire for the RMC?

    One last question, it sounds as if there will be a RMC series at the Track. Will the tire be the spec RMC tire?




    There was a new Mojo spec tire for the Grand Regional and Grand National this year. I thought it was a pretty good tire. By “good” I mean that it had balanced handling characteristics, good grip (not quite as much as MG Yellows, but better than Bridgestone YHCs), excellent tire life, and was very consistent with little performance dropoff.


    Tom Dennin

    Is that the tire that will be used for the RMC this year 2007? Does it have a different designation( ie. red, yellow, etc.. as for the MG’s)?

    Doug Welch

    The Mojo is the spec tire of the RMC. That is 100% certain. It is our intention to run the Mile High challenge to full RMC spec and that would include using Mojos.

    Now before you guys go slashing wrists and punching up the reply key for a flame job, investigate the Mojo a bit further. It actually is a very good tire. It does not have more grip than the MG Yellow, it has less. It also wears much longer. But more importantly, it does not fall off over time. (Once a rock, always a rock, right?) In fact, some claim it gets a bit better after a couple of heat cycles.

    It does require two things.

    First, the setup of the kart is different. What works for the MG will not work for the Mojo. So the simple thing to do is test and find out what works.

    Second, the driver has to be much better. You can not go out and slide the Mojo around like you can with MG’s or B’stones. It over heats quickly and the grip goes away. The good thing is that once it cools down, the grip comes back. Our weaker drivers will hate the tire. The good drivers will get smoother and get better. You have turn in earlier, gentler and unwind sooner. You have to learn to let the kart rotate under you, not force it.

    If a driver does not get some extensive experience with the Mojo, he/she/it will be at a huge disadvantage compared to the guys who do. In the MinMax class last year, 7 of the top 10 including all the top 5 were from Florida. Why do you think that is. Do they all cheat? Is the water better? The reason is simple, they run the Mojo year round. That is why Andy S. and the Gatorz series switched to Mojos for this coming year. To better prepare his customers for the Grand National.

    I would guess that for most drivers, you could buy just two sets of Mojo’s to run all of the Mile High Challenge and do all the testing you need getting ready for the Nationals. I know that I couldn’t get that much racing out of Yellows.

    Tom Dennin


    Charles mentioned that the tire was changed for the Regional and National event. Is that tire going to be the tire that is used this year and how can one distinguish between the two?


    Doug Welch

    The compound was changed a bit last year. This is the tire we will be using this year. We used it last summer at the Miller Shootout. I do not know if its possible to tell the difference visually but I do know that only the revised compound is available. There maybe some old tires still around but I don’t know were you could find them. (or why) I would not be concerned about getting old style tires, they have been out of circulation for almost a year.

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