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    Taylor Broekemeier

    Hey T,

    Why don’t you and I team up. We could be team Laurel and Hardey.

    You can count me in for driving, that’s never a question! That is if we can come up with a tag kart or two in 3 weeks :idn: Lets see what we can do, it would be fun and a good “conditioning” for the season to come.

    Alright Taylor, you may be right and under all those parka’s, bunny boots, seal skins whatever they have to wear right now to survive this perpetual arctic blast, they are hottoer. But on the other hand girls riding around with the top down (convertable that is) all skimmpy attired. Well…. maybe it just a seasonal thing. Plus, if you did convince one of those Sun Goddeses to come back here, she would need something to keep her warm. Right? You like the way I think, don’t you? Age an treachery Lol!

    Geez, you stole the thoughts right out of my mind!!!! If I ever need a wingman, I’ll give you a call! Plus, getting all those clothes off is half the fun isnt’ it? 😯

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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