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    Mike Jansen

    Hey Everyone:

    While watching the tour last night (Contador deserves to win, Schleck threw at him his best) I saw an advertisement about ID bracelets. They’re either web nylon or impervious rubber/silicon like the Armstrong Bracelets but both have a tiny stainless steel ID info patch.
    It got me thinking about Rich Vito’s accident and the fact that his wife wasn’t called for several hours.

    I road bike, mountain bike, snowboard and Kart. Do people I do these activities know how to get hold of my emergency contact or know my blood type? Just something to think about. I’m in no way affiliated with this company but I think it’s a meager investment in ourselves and our safety in case we cannot speak. Check it out:

    Find Your Id

    Rick Schmidt

    It’s a good idea. I’ve always had d.o.b. and blood type on my helmets. It takes time to type your blood and it may be vital to your survival.



    Having you blood type on your helmet or uniform wouldn’t hurt (as long as you put the right type!). THis used to be required when I raced SCCA. However, when I was getting an SCCA physical, I mentioned this to the doctor and he said nobody is going to give you blood without checking your type anyway.

    Make sure you fill out your emergency contact info correctly on your entry form.


    Troy Smith

    I had the same thought as Mike and just ordered mine.

    Thanks Mike!

    Mike Jansen

    A buddy of mine we were talking over the weekend how his ride in the hills outside of Boulder went. He told me of a guy who went wide on a corner and went into and over the gaurdrail. Out cold, completely. When the ambulance came they had no contact numbers, just his expired license in his seat saddle bag with no blood type, allergies, AND CONTACT INFO.

    This reminded me of the time when I was riding the frontage road north of IMI and came across a man who put his van into the ditch when he had a fatal heart attack. No contact info other than his hysterical 14 year old daughter.

    It just makes you realize that if you’re alone and something happens, who’s going to be contacted and how quickly. I’m just saying…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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