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    Tony LaPorta

    I feel the need to say something (maybe for no other reason but that you couldn’t pay most to post on here anymore)

    Im writing this at about a quarter to 2 in the morning on Saturday.

    And real quick let me just say this, I guess this is like all of my other long winded ‘mean-nothing’ space filler posts. So if you dont want another one of those, click back to the forum index.

    I’m getting up tomorrow morning and leaving my humble abode in one horse town Greeley to head to the wonderful world of college. I would like to say thanks to some people before I leave Northern Colorado karting.

    First of all: Rick Schmidt
    Rick you have been a set of wrench’s, a cool (and very old) head to calm me down, a set of ears to listen to me and a guiding hand through what Im sure you would call the “fog of youth”. Everything from fixing my pickups door after I destroyed that, talking me through the 12 pt’r back in feb, to helping me with literally everything on that kart of mine. For what you’ve done I can not pay you back.

    Curt Kistler
    The only man dumb enough to trust me with an actual JOB in karting. And the job was representing SKUSA’s return to Colorado. Why you picked me, and continue to employ me is beyond me. I will be sure to notify Unicef of your GREAT charity, you may be in line for an award. I look forward to working and representing you, your business and SKUSA as long as I can. Just remember, don’t ever celebrate a birthday of mine till after Im dead.

    Brad Linkus
    Let me work in his shop during my spring break, I wanna say 7th grade??? I feel like I have more laps in your old rentals then I do in a real kart. Jansen once said that you have probably forgotten more about karting then most will know. Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge with me.

    Mike Jansen/Troy Smith
    And Im guessing we could lump Rick in on this one as well… Lighting up keyboards, hot heads and middle aged men going toe to toe with a 15 year old on kartings hottest topics…. You guys did a good job at holding your own 😉 When I wasn’t busy coming up with witty responses to your guys ‘well meant’ posts, I was learning alot, and realizing that even I can be wrong.

    Deason, Thanks for the comic relief?? :anyone

    I guess thats all, its probably the biggest post on TKC in a couple months. Wanted to post this just to say that I appreciate all you have done for me. Karting has been a MASSIVE part of my life, but it pails in comparison to the impact the PEOPLE in this sport have made in my life. And probably that I’m just a wee bit nostalgic on this my last night at home with friends/family.

    Thats it, read it, dont read it, like it, hate it. I don’t care.

    Here’s to me not sleeping through the first 2 weeks of classes!


    Angel Ramirez


    Eddy Wyatt


    Nice post! Have fun at school, stay focused on your goals and be safe. Look forward to seeing you on the mic at PPIR and all future events.


    C Kistler

    You will get another pie in the face some day, you can Book It!

    PS: Mixed dorms rock.

    Joe Hawley

    You bet Tony, don’t end up broke and homless like me. Good luck in your new assignment!!!!

    Rick Schmidt


    You’re a good man with a lot to offer the world, it will be fun watching you grow on in life my friend.

    Rick aka Father Time

    Or Mr Father of Time to you.

    Tony LaPorta


    I would have listed you man if I thought you would have seen it! Haven’t seen you on the karter or heard from or about your for a few years.

    Joe you were a huge part of my racing time in NOCO, being my stand in teammate, helping me out with so many mechanical issues (and I think you and I experienced everything that could go wrong with an Italkart between the two of us).

    Glad to hear from you Joe.

    Mike Jansen


    It’s an honour to say I know this young whippersnapper who (still) occasionaly pee’s on the floor like an excited puppy. But that’s youth isn’t it?

    I’m so happy to know that you’re going to college. Remember one thing: College doesn’t make you smarter if you don’t have an open mind and question things every once in a while.

    Go and do well in school. There’s a lot of people here that cheer those who we’d like to see contribute to society. Be one of those people.

    Now, before you get all mushy and teary eyed like Rick does when i call him. Good luck, have fun and know when to work and when to play!

    Cheers Tony!

    Kirk Deason

    Good luck, Tony. Have fun, the first year is tough until you get adjusted. The internet was made for porn, not research. Good job announcing this year, you are WAY better at that than–well–anything. ( I meant that as a compliment but i think it came out as me saying you suck at everything -but you don’t).

    Troy Smith


    Ha – how far we’ve come from our first internet :redmen !!! Got nothin but love and respect for you my friend!

    Best of luck at school and I’m sure we’ll be staying in touch. And I’m with Mike on all that shool work/play stuff. :read

    Can’t wait to hear you’ve made the team so all the karter guys can have an excuse to road trip to a game.


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