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    Jon Romenesko

    So, who’s going? Sounds like it could be a fun time…and I cant argue with the price (free) for TaG. AND it’s 10 minutes from my house? Sweet. 😯

    Anyone got any idea on a gearing ballpark? 1/3 mile track is pretty compact!

    Provided i can find a decent set of used tires, i might just show up. Here’s hoping this can grow bigger in the future! :cheers:

    Tony LaPorta

    Im gonna be there 🙂

    Hope to see a good turn out :cheers:

    Rusty Newberry

    Track set up begins tomorrow for The Home Depot Grand Prix of Littleton.
    This is a one day event to give us the opportunity to let other people see what karting is about. It is not NASCAR, IRL, or Formula One. It is a chance to let them see karting up close. With the Rotax Grands coming the following weekend and IMI hostimg the TaG Championship race in October what better way to showcase karting and let people know than a race somewhere other than the tracks only we know about.

    No doubt about it, this is truly a “parking lot” race. It is being put on in a confined space and entries have to be limited. There are a few spots left in the TaG classes. Our pit area will involve closing down Centennial Dr. Centennial is South of Belleview and parrallel to Home Depot on the South. You can access it by going East on Belleview to the McDonald’s and turning right. Rigs will be parked parallel to the median on the closed off lanes.
    First come, first served.

    Entry will open at 6:30am.
    Register as you check in.

    Pit passes will be required. $10.00 per person.

    Each pit must have a fire extinguisher.

    There is NO “spec” tire or fuel.
    CSC weight rules are your guide for TaG classes.
    Transponders are not required. This event will be hand scored.

    Drivers Meeting…About 8 AM or so.

    Nick Carter from Channel 9 will be doing periodic segments from 7-9AM so would like to have drivers available for interviews as well as a quick trip in front of the camera.

    The schedule will be flexible with some exhibition karts putting in a few laps for the crowd.

    Gates Open & Register 6:30-8AM
    Drivers Meeting 8-8:30AM
    Practise 8:45AM
    Opening Ceremonies NOON
    Driver Parade
    Races 1:00PM
    Awards 5:00PM

    The Home Depot has designed some very unique trophies as well as gathering over $1000 in products from their top vendors to be presented at the event.
    A full set of MG’s to each of the class winners in Tag.

    I am sure I have forgotten something….
    Let it fly.
    Email me at [email protected].

    Hope to see you there.


    Tony LaPorta

    So Nothing on saturday then?

    Just making sure 🙂


    Due to some computer kinks Rusty?s post went out before he had finalized a few things and he has asked me to make a follow-up post:

    Primarily, What happened to Saturday? The plan is to have the track portion completed and secured by noon on Saturday. This would allow for some early testing of the track configuration incase adjustments are desired. With a very limited area to work with the size and shape has already been optimized on paper but you never know until you actually run on it. Those interested may have a few opportunities then to run on the track Saturday sometime after 12:00 noon. The plan is also to secure Centennial Ave. at noon on Saturday allowing for the pits to be set up and open to those wanting to park trailers getting a jump on the Sunday morning craziness. Please note however that although there are a number of bordering businesses and communities that have security patrols and we understand that the Littleton Police regularly cruse the area, there will not be security specifically hired to patrol our trailers. Trailers only will be parallel parked heading west bound on Centennial Ave. along the south curb and he asks that we pit off the rear of the trailers with any canopies allowing room for pedestrian, cold pit lane and grid area in the adjacent lane.

    We have also just learned that in addition to the Indy 500 record holding ?94 Penske, C-4 Hot Rods will host a specialty car display with a number of newly completed award winning Street Rods, Street Machines, Customs and a Special Edition 2007 Ford GT40!

    Tony LaPorta

    Ok thank’s for the clear up!


    Shaping to be an awesome spectacle for the public…love street tracks, See you guys there!

    Tony LaPorta

    Very Fun race. Drew and Rusty ran a great race, and great show for the good turn out of spectators. Great track, also liked the pea pick style for the heat’s 🙂 Very diffrent!!
    Really am looking forward to next year’s 🙂


    just a quick note of thanks to all the folks that put this together..it was really fun..great job..lets do it again next year…sierra really liked the track setup and everything ran together well..god job folks..thanks

    Jon Romenesko

    Fun event! I was really impressed by the crowd, it was properly big! That was awesome to see a crowd that wasnt comprised mostly of the racer’s families. Sure hope this can get bigger next year! :cheers:


    How is it that I find out about this stuff earlier than a week after it happend? Is there a calander posted anywhere for stuff like this? I am sure if I came here more often I would be better informed, but it still looks like you guys only posted this the day before the event.

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