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    ok im making a kart in shop class, i dont want it to be the typical ones u see on the net that look like it was built in shop class…
    i understand that i wont be able to make it anything like a shifter, but i have dreams, i also want to put shifter plastic body on it ( i cant rember wat there called,wow im a noob)…. so i guess i need help on size of frame, i have plenty of pictures, but i have no idea of size….
    how long is it? width?

    also i need a set of tires and the plastic body, if anyone has those cheap, or any help it would be very appreciated.
    thanks in advanced

    Brad Linkus

    I am the only one in Colorado that I know of that has designed and built a chassis from the ground up for racing that actually worked and won races. Unless you are very good at fabricating, TIG welding moly, machining, bending moly tubing, building a jig, drafting, and have a lot of spare time on your hands, I would not waste my time and money. Just asking the questions you are asking I would say not a good dream. Try building something in shop that you can finish before you graduate, something simple will even take you a while to build if this is your first project.



    Blink knows what he is talking about.

    Maybe a Soap Box Derby car would be a better idea.

    Jason Benoit

    I absolutely disagree with the others. If this is something you have really put your mind to, go for it. Who knows maybe someday this will lead you to being one of the top chassis builders in the world.


    im in ag 4 so iam a pretty good welder… im not trying to make an exact chassis that would be raced, i just want to build one that looks better than a square on wheels…. how long is a kart? how wide?

    Jon Romenesko

    Nothing wrong with pursuing something like this. If you like doing it, why not? I’ve had many a completely hopeless projects that i kept working on. 8)

    Anyways, my advice=take inspiration from professionaly built karts. Attepmpt to follow their designs, because they work! Perhaps you’d want to try measuring up a kart in person.

    Kirk Deason

    Ignore the rest of the stuff on this post in this link. The second post has the chassis dimensions of a known good design.

    Other than the basic layout, you may (SHOULD) measure the front end of a real kart and try to duplicate it. If not, the kart will not jack the weight of the kart to get the inside rear to lift (critical to turning with a live axle).

    If you want to take a shortcut (and skip the complicated front end geometry), just copy the dimensions above and go with a single rear wheel as the ‘driver’ and let the other wheel spin freely. If both wheels are driven, the ‘live’ axle will cause the front to plow straight ahead when you turn the wheel (not fun at 40mph when you want to avoid things like curbs and cars)

    ref: wheels and tires…most folks on here only have slicks to offer you. If you are gonna make this a ‘yard kart’ for dirt and grass, you may want to look at some snowblower tires.

    Good luck and post pictures.

    Brian Robson

    Go for it!!!! We (American’s) Created the sport, and the Italians have “perfected” it. I personally would love to see another domestic kart on the scene.

    Try to get a copy of Superkart Illustrated or Nartional Kart News Chassis guide. It could give you some direction. You can also look up some kart chassis web sites.

    Your Success or failure depends on you. I commend you for taking on such a project.

    Good Luck!

    Brian Robson

    Kirk Deason

    oh more thing…have you thought about brakes yet?

    Is your project for class just to build the frame and demonstrate your welding/bending prowess or is the desired end result to have a functioning racing kart?

    Keep in mind, this MIGHT get expensive when you start to source parts to turn a roller into a runner. No one is trying to convince you NOT to do this, but rather we are hoping to help you with the REALITY of your project.

    My suggestion is to shoot for the ‘yard kart’ style like you see at walmart. You’ll have a much better chance of having a running kart by the end of the school year.

    Kurt Freiburg

    Here’s a resource for materials. They even have unwelded frame kits.

    I have some old tires for you also, just give me a call at 970/215-3093.


    Look on the CIK FIA website. They have all of the homologation sheets for all chassis in the world. If you can not find anything send me a PM and I will fax you a chassis homologation sheet. This will help a ton.



    If you build the kart I can help you with providing an Invader brake setup. That includes the master cylinder, caliper and disk.

    Brian Moore



    check you mail…




    the actual project is the chassis, but i want a drivable kart. i have built a yard kart before it was fun when i was young, but now at the old age of 17 lol i want a more street kart. i understand ho big of a project it would be to make one like what all of you have, there for im going far a streetkart, that looks like a was about as happy with my project as he is with my time managment… i have a sweet steering system, no brakes tho, i was just gunna use bike disc brakes, but brian pm me with a price please. kurt what type of wheels? slicks or yard
    thanks for so much feed back it really is helpfull

    Curt Kistler

    Try to copy one of these. I heard they are the fastest one’s 😉

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