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    Doug Welch

    The team is now all here. We have been testing for three days and completed registration and tech today. Tomorrow, all the BS stops. Everyone will be wearing transponders so we’ll see who is quick and who is searching.

    Greg is much quicker than when we were here in June, but we know its not quick enough. We have two turns we need to find a quicker way through.

    The fields are outstanding. The fastest karters in the country are here. 55 in the junior class alone. A lot of kids are going home early. Only 40 make the show. Without a doubt,this will be the best selection of talent in one place this summer.

    Eddy Wyatt

    Doug and Greg

    Good luck and please keep us posted on how you all are doing.


    Curt Kistler

    Good luck out there Doug and Greg. I hope by now you have figured out the troubled areas and the transponders are reporting good news. Just keep the momentum up for the entire weekend.

    With no disrespet, perhaps the fastest Rotax drivers are all there, but the fastest shifter drivers are all in Wisconsin. It will be intersting to see how thin both events get with the unfortunate scheduling two major events on the same weekend.

    Run hard, and stay away from those aggressive contact mongers…..

    stacey cook

    Great Colorado showing here in New Castle. Lots of tough competition and unfortunatly we didn’t get down here for practice the last 4 days so it is making things a little tough. So far I count:

    Conner Thomas- Jr

    Sabre Cook- Senjior
    Ben Schermerhorn-Senior
    Greg Welch-Senior

    Scott Falcone-Masters

    Mitch Carey-DD2

    Jim Keelsing-DD2 Masters

    I know there is more but this is a good start.

    Troy Smith


    Falcone getting some press on e-karting news! (2/3 of the way down the article) Way to go bro!

    Doug Welch

    Hi guys

    There were four official practices today. We didn’t wear our transponder for the first two. We made some changes for the third that made the kart a bit loose and we slowed down 4-5 ths. We then over compensated for the final practice session and ran decent but not what we could. We think we have found a happy medium now and should be good for qualifying tomorrow.

    Grant Copple is in our tent and he has been struggling. Tabor Duncan has been improving steadily but for this being her first big deal event, she is doing very well.

    I do not know how the others from Colorado are doing except to see them on the lap charts. We have just been too busy to socialize.

    This event is big, very big. All the major teams are here. MRP (Birel) has a large presence, as does CRG (SSC East and West), Tony Kart, Merlin, Kartel, Intrepid, Sodi, name your brand, all the major brands have their team trucks here. Attendance is up this year over last.

    stacey cook

    We were 12th fastest overall at the end of practice yesterday but today has been a different story. The kart just dies coming off 2 specific turns and will only rev to 11,600. PSL is out of motors and this is our only one so not sure what we are going to do. have slowed from 105.4 to the 1:07’s and going backwards fast. Very disapointing!! PSL is going to try and pull the motor apart tonight so we will see what happens.

    Doug Welch

    We qualified 18 overall so we started the first heat race in tenth. We held our position and finished in 10th. Everybody slowed as it got really hot. Most were over stuck as the track got uber sticky. For some, the track was slippery as the heat made the rubber go to goo. Some thermometers were over 100!

    We are going to test some ideas in the morning during the warm up. We’ll see if it works.

    There is a live internet radio feed some where.

    Doug Welch

    It id rain last night but didn’t affect the track a bit. It continued to build grip all day. We started in 9 in heat race #2 but about lap two, the group we were in decided to get stupid and Greg got hit hard in the rear and turned around where a kid then ran over the front. With a totally screwed up front end, Greg rejoined and drove hard to get back in it to finish 14th.

    In heat race #3, Greg started well and was up a couple of spots but we really didn’t find all the bent stuff and he started to fall back as the kart just wouldn’t turn right. He finished 14th again.

    Greg will start the pre-final in 22, right where all the wrecks happen.

    Grant had a very tough day. He was wrecked out of the LCQ and never made it to the start/finish line. His racing is done.

    Tabor is going strong and getting faster every time out. She starts 22.

    Ben and Saber had a tough day. Both got caught up in wrecks and will start the pre-final in the back.

    stacey cook

    Well we finally made it home after a long week in New Castle. What a week is was! We should have been there the weekend prior to be fully prepared. Sabre’ drove her heart out to come back to 13th in the final. Not to bad after having to start 37th in the prefinal after being taken out in 2 of the 3 heat races. The winner actually was only 1 tenth faster than us in the final timed practice Wednseday but then our motor problems started so we are happy with the overall result. Next year we will be there the weekend before with more than 1 motor.

    Ben and Greg also got banged around and can fill you in on their adventures.

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