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    Jim Keesling

    Racing the Rockies Race 1 (Sunday, May 17, 2009) is fast approaching.
    To clear up some misinformation from the speedway…
    Racing in on Sunday (1 day).
    The Track at Centennial is handling the registration for racing.
    GJMS is taking care of the rest (pit spots, etc…) Saturday is practice. All fees except race entry are thru GJMS.

    We have the top people hired from the sport as the point people for the Racing the Rockies series.
    I was going to wait until the weekend, but lets start now!!!

    I would like to take this time and introduce our Race DIrector and Tech Director.

    Chris Egger, from Pats Acres in the Northwest is our Race DIrector. Chris is the finest Race Director in the country, period. A fellow track owner from Oregon; fair, fun and knows how to work the whole event. Lisa, his great wife, is coming with him for support as well.
    Chris and Lisa have directed all the races from SKUSA Pro Tour, the Gatorz Series, to the Florida WInter Tour, and the SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

    We couldn’t be happier to have Chris and Lisa help with the Racing the Rockies series this year!!!
    You will see them again at The Track at Centennial in July , and at The Pepsi Center in August.

    Josh Smith is our Tech Director. Josh was the tech guy inspecting all the entries under Don Moormeister at the entire Florida Winter Tour, as well as the entire Gatorz Series. Please come prepared with your tools for these events… Josh is certified in Rotax, and knows all the TaG and CIK engines as well. I think we are well covered. (of course, Marty is there from TaG USA as well).

    What a better way to introduce the Colorado Karters to top shelf event management than at one of the finest tracks in the country, Grand Junction Motor Speedway. We all know how great the place is, and how nice the Cooks are!!!!

    I’m really excited that Race 1 is launching Racing the Rockies in Grand Junction! I’m also a firm believer the quality surpasses quantity every time!
    Our convoy is leaving Wednesday and Thursday to begin set-up.

    If you have any event questions, please call me at The Track at Centennial or Grand Junction Motor Speedway for facility questions.

    Thank you for your support, and see you at Race 1 of Racing the Rockies. “with attitude, at altitude”

    Jim Keesling


    Hi Jim,

    On The Track website I see a race registration form for the Mile Challenge races but not for the Race the Rockies races. What’s the link for the registration form for next week’s race at GJMS?


    stacey cook

    Pits spots are filling up fast, looks like it is going to be a good turnout so please call now for pitspots now. 970.256.0107

    Jeff Field

    What direction will this race be?

    stacey cook

    figure 8 :rotate: which way are you the slowest? Clockwise.

    Rick Schmidt

    Jeff you have to do the Motard portion as well.

    Jeff Field

    @stacey cook wrote:

    figure 8 :rotate: which way are you the slowest? Clockwise.

    Why does that matter? Does Critical have a spec entry or two? I’ve only been on your track for 3 days, so I’m looking forward to more laps.

    Ricky, bikes and beers after the checkers have flown. :loony:

    Jeff Field

    Results link

    We had a good time. 10 S3 karts to start. Hope to see more for the Denver races. Ironically for me, splitting the shifter group in 2 did not avoid carnage. You other shifter guys happy with the split? Other suggestions?

    Jim, Chris, Josh, Angie, and the Cooks all did a great job. Thanks.

    stacey cook

    Man am I tired!!!! Jeff great job this weekend, would love to see the video. Thanks to all that came and supported karting in Colorado. alot of great people that just want to race.. Thanks to RTR staff for the great weekend.

    Mike Jansen

    Jim, Josh, Stacey, Darrin, Chris, Lisa et al:

    You all did a great job! The live scoring was great, Chris’s drivers meeting was the best I’ve ever heard, period. I know the first event is always the toughest but it went off without a hitch IMO. I wish we had larger numbers but that’s life and I think on this side of the mountains the numbers and event will be much bigger. Keep moving forward and thanks. I hope to be healed by the next one!


    Jeff Field

    @stacey cook wrote:

    would love to see the video.

    It appears as if the footage turned out AWESOME, but the audio is degraded compared to my previous recordings. The mic must have come in contact with something on the left-hand corners. Maybe it was a connection issue? Anyway, there is so much to edit, I may not cram it in one highlights video. I’ll get it edited up and then decide if it needs music over it to make it watchable. The audio problem may make it really annoying to watch it for very long.

    Any tunes suggestions? :rotate:

    Rick Schmidt

    Deep Purple – Highway Star

    Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter

    Ac / Dc – Highway to Hell

    Keep going? Too old school?

    stacey cook

    AC/DC Back in Black I bet the footage is awesome! you were right in the middle of the action.

    Garrick Mitchell

    Jeff, my humble suggestion is to leave the degraded race audio in there, and don’t add music. People can pick their own music to play along on their computer, and can adjust music and kart volume to suit. 8) Myself, I’d rather hear the RPM’s.


    Headstrong- Trapt
    Lit Up- Buckcherry
    Papercut- Linkin Park
    Faint- Linkin Park
    Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC
    Crashed- Daughtry
    Room 21- Hinder
    Bleed it out- Linkin Park
    To Be Loved…- Papa Roach
    It’s Not My Time- 3 Doors Down
    Diary of Jane- Breaking Benjamin

    Just a few ideas, some of the rock i have in my iTunes Library lol

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