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    Thanks to the Zippie family for allowing me to work with David for the Tag World Championships at IMI.David,s focus ,dtermination and competitive nature have given him the jump start on his racing carrer and have put him in a position that the big factory racing teams have taken notice.David,s team mates will be Micheal Valiante and David Jurca.David earned the spot on the team coming second right behind david jurca in the Italian motors parilla challenge.David will be ready to take on the best in Europe with all equipment being equal.I will be watching and i know quite a few others to.Congrats to the rest of the young drivers from Colorado that podiumed at this weekends event.We really have some great drivers from Colorado that i will be following closely in the futre. Sabre Cook , Jesse Runkle,Jesse Toby and others i did not mention great driving.I have never seen so many big prizes raffled or given out at the podiums before.Thanks to the organisers this event was stress free and very comfortable to be around.


    I first want to congratulate my son David for his accomplishments this weekend. I also want to congratulate all of the Colorado drivers for a great showing at the Tag Worlds. Thanks Brad for a great event.

    I want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point in our career. The list is far to large to name.

    However, I want to give a special thanks to Jim Kiesling owner of Dog House Racing. It has only been three short months since we joined your team and we our now going to our first international event in Spain. I can’t thank you enough for providing us the support and the opportunity for us to take it to the next level. I also want to thank all of our teammates at Dog House racing for welcoming us with open arms to your family.

    Lastly, I want to thank Anthony Figueiredo for all his help. Anthony, your knowledge and your relentless pursuit to win is invaluable to us. Not only are you great tuner you have become a great friend.

    Dave Zippie
    Zip Motorsports

    stacey cook

    The Zippie family are first class!!!! we are all very lucky to have them represent Colorado in such a big event…

    Jim Keesling

    David and all,
    It is truely exciting to see a member of the Colorado Karting family “leave the sandbox”. And I don’t mean any of us just off racing elsewhere. I’m am so proud and happy for the both of you and the next level. Congrats. David is such a great, smooth driver, and drove with class and grace.
    Thanks for giving us a chance and don’t forget to write…
    All my best,

    Jon Romenesko

    WOW, that’s awesome David! 😯 Great to see some of our homegrown racers branching out into national and INTERnational competition and getting the recognition they deserve. Go kick some butt in Europe!

    Mike Jansen


    Take NO prisoners and here’s your mantra in the meantime:

    Those guys over there are just as good as I am.

    You’re an american. They’re french. Get the picture…


    Kirk Deason

    Keep on kicking ass, David! Wow, what a great opportunity. (I’m pretty jealous of your mad skillz and your chance to go race in Yourup)

    Congrats to you and your super-tuner dad.

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