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    Jim Keesling

    Hello racers,
    Thanks again for making the race Sunday such a great day. Smiles everywhere, great weather, and the closest racing yet in all the classes. The Micro-Max class is awesome to watch!!!! The girls put on a great show for all – Hanna and Tabor were hooked together the whole time.
    Lindsay put on a great show in TaG Junior, until a stuck pedal sent her back to forth, but all in all great show by the ladies!!!

    As we talked about in the drivers meeting, I can’t put on the July 18th race of the Mile High Challenge. Due to the growth of the Rotax Program,
    we have a lot of racers racing at the Grand Nationals that week, including Josh and Ben and myself. I happy to see that the class leaders in each group are going to represent Colorado at the biggest race and see how we really stack up against the best!!!!

    The only weekend that works for all of you that race at The Track, is July 25. I’m sorry that there is another race that weekend, but it is our only option.
    Thanks for the vote and expressing your support.

    Mark you calendars…. Race #4 Mile High Challenge Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Sorry for the switch.


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