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    Kirk Deason

    I’m dropping out if i see your marble bag, Jansen. It is not worth the nightmares.

    Mike Jansen

    see, it’s working already


    @Rick Schmidt wrote:

    I’ll loan you some used ones Gary. You never know it may move you up in the championship!

    Thanks for the offer Rick! Well appreciated!!

    Hopefully I won’t have to take you up on it…

    Charles, I know what is in the rule book, but the call was made verbaly @ the meeting. I forget what the reasoning was – just remember it being talked about and decided that we would not run in the rain execpt for the GGP. Maybe that could be one of the issues brought up in the upcoming meeting.

    see you guys this weekend!


    Joe Rosse

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this is one of the problems with an ad hoc approach to rules and rulebooks. Not everyone attended that meeting; I’m probably not alone in skipping it out of frustration that in past years it was a chaotic waste of time (other than the beer, pizza and chance to see friends.) You can’t hold people responsible for rules they didn’t know about, especially when there’s a rule book that’s supposed to spell things out. :bs:

    Fortunately, it’s probably moot, since the forecast for Sunday gives only a 20% of rain. But just in case we need an answer from the officials–what’s the plan in case of rain??!! :idn:


    good point, but ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Maybe we can fix that by getting the rules out sooner, and posting any changes that may have been made – but changes need to have some sort of drop-dead date before the season starts – another good thing to bring up at the meeting…

    From what I understand the rain is going to be late afternoon – if we skip practice like Jim is talking about we should be able to get the heats in. It has been announced in the past CSC races if there is rain in the main (hey… that rimes – sorry – homer simpson moment)… if the main is rained out, the results of the heat stand for the final.

    have a good one,


    Joe Rosse


    I think we’re really pretty much on the same page, so this is not directed at you. But I have to take exception to the comment about ignorance of the rules being no excuse. I agree–and what the rules say is:

    9.7.2 Rain tires: The decision to declare a race a rain race is at the discretion of the Race Director. Kid Karts, Jr 1 Comer 80 and Jr 1 Animal classes will not be run under wet conditions. Tires must be manufactured rain tires; No grooved slicks are allowed. When rain conditions are declared for a race, it is at the racers discretion to choose rains or slicks. Rain tires are only optional to use when it has been declared a rain race. The number of sets will be at the Race Directors discretion.

    I also agree with you that the rules may be updated. I can find a couple updates/corrections on the CSC website, but none of them said anything about rain tires. If decisions are going to be made at a meeting–something that not every can attend–they need to be reflected in the official rules. That’s my primary point.

    Now back to the rain question. Personally, I think we should run races in the rain. I agree with Charles and Rick–we had to run qualifying and pre-final in the rain at the Rotax Grand Nationals and we were at a disadvantage relative to teams that run in the rain routinely (e.g., Florida, the NW). I also understand the argument about this being a regional series and that cost control is important to people, and I can go either way. I just want to know what the call is going to be for Sunday so that I can be prepared. If it rains. Which, after all this hue and cry, probably won’t happen 😉

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