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    Curt Kistler

    We are counting the days to the opening round of the SKUSA Mountain Region race at PPIR. The first round scheduled for May 7th & 8th will be the first official kart racing event the racing facility has ever hosted. You can feel the revived heart beat of PPIR every time you enter the facility. More and more racing clubs are starting to book events at the facility and this summer promises to be very busy for the hard working staff that keeps everything running at top notch.

    The SKUSA MR team made another trip down to PPIR on Saturday to find many various classes of race cars making their way around the road course. From Formula V’s to Corvettes’ to Lambos to Miata’s the roar of race cars was very distracting as we met with the leadership team of the newly established PPKRC. Working very closely with this group of passionate karters we were able to establish a great relationship that will add tons of value to both of our events. The SKUSA MR / PPKRC joint venture will include sharing of track barriers, scales, timing and scoring, race officials, track officials, safety personal and various other resources that will enable both organizations to grow faster. PPKRC now has a professional organization in SKUSA that will help them promote and produce their races, and SKUSA has a feeder program that will allow local CO racers a chance to take the next step. It’s very refreshing to sit down and work together with the two newly formed organizations.

    Many items have been checked off the “to-do” list and things are starting to fall into place as we count the final weeks down. Pre-registration should be open on the http://www.skusamr.com web site very soon. There you will be able to purchase tires, fuel, oil, entry fee, wrist bands and other items necessary to become part of Colorado karting history. “Big Tony” LaPorta will be calling on everyone to develop racer information sheets. Rumor has it Big Tony has been calling races in his Greeley basement all winter and has plans on becoming the next great announcer in karting. He is up for the challenge and we hear his new trade mark calls during the racing action will soon become the new standard. Tony is very excited to be involved with the SKUSA organization and we are very excited having him on board.

    Crabtree Brewery in Greeley has stepped up to sponsor our Friday evening dinner party, free to all racers and families. The SKUSA party organizers have been busy planning a great evening you will not want to miss. Most of the rumors we have heard have many folks planning on camping out at the facility Thursday and Friday evenings and taking advantage of the hot showers, flushing toilets, great views and all the sights and sounds expected in a regional racing program.

    All of us at SKUSA MR wish all of you a Happy Easter and please feel free to ask any questions through our http://www.skusamr.com web site. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


    The SKUSA MR Staff

    Jon Romenesko

    Hello? Anyone out there? Nobody has anything to say about the SKUSA news? Some exciting things going on and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer up! Big Tony should be reason enough…!

    Hey Curt, how late can we move into PPIR on Thursday? I have an honest-to-goodness job these days and can’t go play karting hooky whenever I want anymore. :loony:

    Curt Kistler

    We will be there from noon on thru the night. Most of us will be around most of the time setting things up and making sure the kegs are well iced.

    We will have pit spots well marked and identified prior to everyone moving in. No karts will be allowed on the track surface until Friday at 8am. Then every 7 minutes throughout the day controlled practice will begin. There will be corner workers, rescue vehicles, food, drinks, music, open scales, pre-tech, a banquet facility to rest and get out of the elements, roof top views 12 stories high with fantastic views of Pikes Peak and many other fun things to do.
    PPIR will also be hosting a superbike race on the infield that weekend so you can even check them out and see what they are all about.

    You never know who you will bump into just hanging out as well. All I can say is, bring a sharpie 8)

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