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    About a month ago my buddies took me to the Track in Centennial which was the start to my Bachelor party. We are car nuts so it was fitting. Needless to say I had a blast! The Staff at the Track were fantastic! I moved to Denver two and a half years ago from So.Cal. In California I tracked my street Porsches on occasion, but I have never competed in competitive racing. My wife says I need to get a hobby LOL and I think she is right! I have been pouring through the information on this site and various Karting forums. Without asking the question I think I have narrowed down the type of Kart but I have some questions.

    It seems like the popular answer for those wanting to get into Karting is to start with a TAG Kart. (Annual cost, Maint. learning curve etc.) I do not want to limit myself, I am confused when it comes to the classes, clubs, series. Can you explain the differences and how they cross over. I know their is the Club Series held at The Track and IMI. Then there is the RMAX series which seems like there are only a few races per year. Then there is the CSC series & Mile High Challenge . What series are the majority of you guys/gals running?

    Then I get down to classes. I am turning 30 in December I weigh about 185. Which class would I fit into?

    I plan on buying a used TAG kart but should I be looking for a Kart with a Rotax engine?

    I see Karts advertised from 2002-2007 is their a big difference between the model years? Any recommendations on the manufacturers I should be focusing on?

    Unfortunately I had company in town this weekend or else I would have gone down to IMI to chat with members. I will make it to the next race in July.

    I have more questions but I will start with these.

    PS. I sold my TT about 4 months ago and after owning 6 porsches over the past 8 years. The streets of Denver made the TT hard to drive around so I switched to an E55 (WHICH I LOVE!) here are some pics. As you can see I am a Euro car racing fan!

    Brad Linkus

    Judging by your taste in cars I would recommend a 4-stroke TAG engine, Vampire, on either a Intrepid or a GP chassis. Come by and test drive one this week if you are interested.

    Kirk Deason

    Welcome to karting. You’ve found a great resource here on the interwebs. Also check out for other ‘new to karting’ information.

    Ref your question of which motor and chassis, Rotax is ONE answer, but definitley not the ONLY answer. Tag is great because of the variety of motors allowed. Enjoy your shopping experience.

    Ref your question of which series to run, for your first year, I’d stick to club racing. The CSC (Colorado Sprint Championship) is for those who might be looking for a higher level of regional competition.

    Keep asking questions, we’ll help you out.

    larry toby

    We currently run both Rotax and a new four stroke Tag engine (Vampire). We have run other Tag engines as well. The Vampire is more fun, less maintenance and far less expensive to operate.

    If we were just starting I wouldn’t look beyond the new four stroke engines.

    Billet Performance

    Call me at the shop and I will give Your opitions
    Thanks Barry Lewis


    Thanks for the answers guys! Ok lets say I were to get a Vampire 4-Stroke. That engine would allow me to participate in all of the TAG races in Colorado? To participate in RMAX are you required to have a Rotax engine? How many participants are usually racing in each class? My biggest fear is that I buy a Kart and then find out I should have purchased something else. I imagine it is a common fear though. It’s probably inevitable though as you graduate.


    I recommend for you to stop by at our next race so you get to see the classes, get to know other karters, see the different engine packages in action, you will see the good the bad and the ugly. People here are friendly and do not be afraid to ask any question.

    Welcome to our great community.

    See you at the track.

    Brad Linkus

    The Vampire is a 4-stroke TAG and there is a class for it in the CSC and the IMI/TheTrack series. The lap times are almost as fast as the shifters. If you want to run the Rotax series you must have a Rotax. Run a few different types of engines and see which one you like best. The 4-strokes cost more up front but they cost less to run and are more like a car, just get in and push the start button and go, less work to do on the engine. They are also very fun to drive with the torque and power band of the engine.

    Jeff Welch

    Something that may help you a bit is the TaG USA website, which explains what engines are allowed to run in what classes:


    Thanks for the info I have been on the Tag, Ekartingnews and Rotax Karting website. I think I have narrowed it down to a TAG/Rotax Kart. Which will allow me the most flexibility. I am going to try and find an inexpensive Kart to start out with. Please PM me if you have a Kart forsale or have any good leads. I am exceited to get started!!!!!

    Thanks! Eric

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