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    Sunday sept 12 8am. Cheap to travel ,all racers welcome, no 2hours in tech,IMI stimulus pakage,locally run and operated by people we all know. To scott if you dont want to break out your rig me and RON can pick you up in our pickup truck and you can have th rocking chair!! Hows that for an offer only for you though ,gunter on his own!! TEXAS TEA , JED CLAMPET

    gunter desanti

    :evil:I want the Rockin Chair.

    Tony LaPorta

    Gee wiz Gunter, for some one who has said times and times before that you don’t care about the stuff in the forums, and being against posting in them, your key board has been on fire as of late.
    Btw, way to keep your posts positive!!


    gunter desanti

    I should just treat your post with the contempt it deserves by just ignoring it.But as you said im on fire, so I cant do that.
    Firstly, in the six years that I have been Karting you or anyone else has never heard me say that I have no interest in the Karting Forums.
    Secondly, yes it is true that many times I have said that I do not post, mainly because I did not want to get drawn into discussions with IDIOTS and people who have no passion for the sport. Hmmmmm, has that just happened?
    Thirdly, I and many other karters were happy for many years to let Rich Vito, as the elder statesman to be the thorn in the side of track owners and race promoters, by asking direct questions, expecting direct answers and expressing sometimes controversional opinions.
    Maybe since the passing of RV51 I consider myself the elder statesman of Karters
    therefore will continue to be the thorn.
    Forthly,If my opinions or banter with my fellow competitors offends you or anyone else……….

    Tony LaPorta

    Great point about Rich. He did have some what of that elder statesman of karting here in Colorado role.

    I dont think anyone here could really disagree with you assuming that role. I know I cant.

    But just remember that Rich was a thorn in ALL track owners sides… ALL of them….

    Is it gettin fiesty in here or is it just me 😉

    Angie MacEwen

    OK all. I am all for some healthy debate and discussions… that is one of the reasons that I created the forum in the first place. But can we keep it civil? I really don’t like having to edit posts or pull them down. ( honestly, that has only been a handful of times in the 7 years of TCK )

    Gunter, more power to you. Ask the questions, demand answers, but do not lower yourself to posting the extra garbage talk on my site, please. ( Rich never did that ). So please mind your manners around here! ( I edited your post )

    Tony, get your facts straight, be nice, and respect your elders!

    Thank you, and I hope everyone has a fun, safe time this weekend, where ever you may be racing.

    Angie MacEwen – theColoradoKarter.com management :star

    gunter desanti

    Hi Angie

    Quite correct of you to edit that part of my post, I hope not many readers deciphered it
    before your edit. I consider myself justly reprimanded.


    stacey cook

    Great job Angie!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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