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    206 “Pro” class

    Last October, a few of us headed out to Phoenix for the Super Showdown where we ran their 206 Senior class. That class was ultimately a lot like our 206 classes but on the Evinco blues. It was a total blast. What a difference in the handling and chassis dynamics! Even my big beater CRG would flex like crazy with sticky rubber underneath it.

    This year, the club is trying out the 206 Pro class (soon to be named “206 Senior” as I understand). This class has kind of flown under the radar, so I’m posting this to see if we can garner some support.

    Other notable clubs that run similar classes include PKRA, North Texas Karters, Texas Sprint Series, and the SKUSA winter series. MG Red, Evinco blue, and back east there seems to be a few Bridgestone YLPs. This is something that’s aligned with other national clubs / series – it’s not just a specific local approach.

    Jose and I were in the Run Your Rust Off (RYRO) final together, running 1:04’s. That’s about 3-4 seconds faster than our Light times. The speed is welcome (of course!) but moreover it seems to demand more of the driver, and subtle changes to the setup seem to have greater effects.

    The addition of this class doesn’t add any time to race day as it will run with the JR2 class, so there’s no raceday schedule impact to the rest of the club. Another benefit of this class is to be able to run two classes – Light and Senior. Or even three, if you’re so inclined. We learned at RYRO that it can be a challenge to get setup changes completed when there’s not much separation between this class and other 206 classes. But if there’s enough interest, I’m sure scheduling can be worked out (and maybe the Pin-It guys will see a lot of business!).

    If you’ve made it this far, thanks for considering this. If you’re interested in seeing this class this year, please comment here on this post indicating your support. I’ll be cross posting this to the ckt facebook page as well. I’d love to see a great turnout in this class come the 28th of April!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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