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    Angie MacEwen

    The Mile High Challenge is a six race club series held at The Track at Centennial.
    This club-level series is available to all racers wishing to compete in one of the named classes. The Mile High Challenge will test your skills and abilty to compete in a structured race environment.

    The race schedule and class structure for the six race, one drop, series is as follows:

    Results Race #1 April 5, 2009 – Snowed Out rescheduled for Saturday May 2, 2009 CCW
    Results Race #2 May 3, 2009 CCW
    Results Race #3 May 31, 2009 CW
    Race #4 July 12, 2009
    Race #5 August 23, 2009
    Race #6 September 27, 2009

    Kids (age 5-8)
    Cadets (age 9-12)
    Juniors (age 11-15)
    Seniors (age 15+)
    Masters (age 35+)
    Racers will have several choices within each group in which to compete.

    Mile High Challenge single speed class structure:

    Kid Karts: Comer 50 / Honda 50 Age 5-8
    Cadet: Micro Max, Comer 80, Spec Honda, Rotax MiniMax 9-12
    TaG Jr. TaG USA by weight 11-15
    TaG Senior TaG USA by weight 15+
    TaG Masters TaG USA by weight 35+
    For racers who want to change gears, the Mile High Challenge series will offer the following gearbox classes:

    Rotax DD2 16+ , Rotax DD2 Masters 35+
    Spec 125 Shifter 15+, Spec 125 Masters 35+ (15+ and 200lbs. driver weight)
    S5, 125 Shifter 15+ (ICC Moto), 125 Masters 35+ ( 15+ and 200lbs. driver weight)
    For drivers who have the desire to race, but have different engine packages, The Track will run an Open class to ensure you have the opportunity to compete. This class will also cover racers where there simply is not enough equipment of similar karts to fill a class:

    Open 15+ (development or “run what you brung”class)
    Class splits will be determined by entry counts closer to race day.

    For more information, please visit http://www.thetrack.us

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