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    Ron Rudolph

    How about a Roll Call , or a Poll
    For possible class’s regarding both club and CSC in 2008.


    Kirk Deason

    I think TaG Masters should do a LeMans style start. Geezers and fatties will line up across the track from their machines (already breathing hard from the warm up lap), the flag man can drop a flag, at least ONE of us will trip each time, thus providing the giant crowds with great mirth. We will then have a nice, safe first corner.

    I am proposing this change only at the CLUB level. I realize it may add a couple minutes to the schedule while we position the karts so maybe only do this type of start for the final?

    And to address your poll, Ron, I vote for a TaG Masters class to be included in this season’s club schedule.

    Tony LaPorta

    Is this to get a driver count For each class?

    Tony LaPorta

    Oh and I also think Kirk’s idea is DYNAMITE!!

    Eddy Wyatt

    Ron and all

    Currently our plan is to run:

    1 in Jr. 1 (K-80) if avail.
    1 in Tag Jr
    2 in Tag Sr and/or Tag Master

    Eddy at Meek Motorsports, LLC


    Tag Master club series

    Tag Master CSC??? maybe

    No to Lemans start; Some karts will not start, best to have a running start like we do.

    Terry Von Tilius

    The Briggs Modified class wants to be included in the Club Series.(IMI, The Track) Dan Peterson is moving to Tag Masters, but the rest of us are still here.
    Dan’s kart is for sale, and he is hoping for it to go to someone who will race it.

    I like the Le Mans Start too. With Greg’s bad knees, I might be able to beat him to the first corner :rotate:

    Dan Peterson

    I agree with Rich !
    Keep starts as they were !

    Some of us old motocross guys have fake leg parts and bad knees, they don’t work so well.


    I would like to run the TAG Masters class if I can find a kart to buy.

    Ben Schermerhorn

    125 shifter

    Rick Schmidt


    Is Greg going Tag next year?

    Roman will be in 4-Stroke Heavy. (If there is a class for it) If not, we will look at another class. Possibly DD2 Heavy (if there is a class for it) or Spec Moto Shifter Heavy (if there is a class for it) And Tag Masters could be an option as well. I think 4-Stroke is really the way to go and hope to see more Tag Masters drivers come over and feel the horsepower and the ease of maintanence on these machines. If enough cross over we’ll have some awesome racing in 4-Stroke Heavy, although competing at the standard 4-Stroke weight would simply put us as filler. Not an option.

    Another cool thing would be seeing Doc, Patrick, Aron, Adcock, Cunningham, Neff etc… Get Spec engines bolted on, Run a Spec Light and a Spec heavy, and lets get it on! If your goal is to keep in touch will a National class, G1 is not the only one. The Supernationals offers Spec Shifter Heavy and it may be the best racing you’ll see this year. I personally didn’t have any problems with our Icc (Pavesi) Never even stuck a piston, no failures whatsoever in 2 1/2 yars running. But they were 6 grandish for a brand new one! But, they flopped right on the kart, no brackets to build, carb and pipe in the right spot, with no clutter… And they ran all year without a rebuild. Is a “built” Spec Moto quite a bit cheaper? Seems like it should be. No need to buy a 5k – 6k full on Icc? But I do see a lot of big time engine builders stickers on the side of these “stock?” moto’s. Don’t know much about them really. But would run one if all that is claimed is true.

    Just thoughts, I suppose.

    We don’t really care who we’re combined with and aren’t a big proponent of adding time to the race day. We’ll just find a place where we can be competitive in the available classes. But we will race next year.

    Fuzzy, there are karts all over. Romans GP-8 / Rotax will be available after the Supernationals. And a lot of other well supported packages are out there, at most any budget. Just buy something that is common to this area that you can get parts and help when you need it. Don’t buy an “odd ball”

    Lemans starts? For Roman? I’ve never even seen him walk fast! They would have to throw the yellow flag on lap one, because he’d still be crossing the track as the pack comes around!!! :turtle

    Kurt Freiburg

    Ron –

    To give you an answer you’ll like, Luc wants to run MiniMax next year, even though he’ll surely be overweight for the class by then. We’ll run a limited schedule, mostly club races, but a CSC race at GJMS or two is a definite consideration.

    I’ll be sharing a TaG Masters kart with a co-worker who’s returning to karting after being away for 15 years. Again, mostly club racing.

    I’ll also have a Spec Moto to play with, and would definitely support a Spec Moto Heavy class even if I’m not a full-time participant. This year the competition was so tough in Spec that it killed some of the growth potential of the package. Spec Heavy could open that door back up.

    Jeff Field

    1 125 shifter for club and CSC.
    1 125 masters for club.


    I will probably race a few club races next year. More than likely I will be in Tag Senior, but I have to look into the rules to see where I fit in.

    David Watkins

    Tag 4 Stroke (Heavy) for CSC and possibly a few club races.

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