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George Durdin

We are going to use the World Formula as a Senior ( Sr.4-cycle) entry level class in 05 to the Rotax/TaG program. They are not as imposing as the current group of TaG engines ; performance and cost wise. They are 15hp, OHV, low maintenance (30+hour maintenance cycle), rev limiter with electric start.A NEW package should retail for about $32 to 3,400.00, about 60% of a new TaG setup.
The engines are $995 -950.00 depending on the dealer.They come WITH a Premier Titan clutch; with 16 & 17 T sprockets.We are running them with the Canadian RLV two-cycle style silencer ($79.95), pipe support bracket ($25.95), the Nelson battery box and battery ( $59.90) and less than $10.00 for wiring and clamps. They are an excellent engine for either a sealed spec class or a claimer class.
I would suggest contacting Richie Hearn of Hearn Competition Karting
626-574-0890 or Nelson Manufacturing, 209-357-9582 for further information. Hearn’s uses them for an arrive and drive endurance racing program. Both Hearns and Nelson are satisfied WF customers. Drop me a line and I will fill you in on our experience with them.
This is an engine package that could sure reduce the clutter in the Sr. 4cycle class at an affordable price and is a post race technicians dream.