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I am in Jersey taking care of my Dad and helping my Mother thru his cancer. His sisters from Canada and England are here with us at this time with other relatives from Maryland, Florida and Texas to follow once I leave.

I am pleased for the positve feedback that I have read thru this forum. And I know that WE as a karting community are working towards the betterment of OUR racing series.

I want to thank Older Mike, my right hand man, for stepping in, Jim and THE TRACK for trusting me and my FRIENDS, and lastly, Kevin, Ryan, Blake, and younger Mike (no relation) for stepping up in my abscence.

As the Governator says:

I’ll B Back

What did you think of the Pit “Black” Board?
Hopefully, Dad will return home from the hospital today to celebrate my B-Day. That would be the best gift I could wish for.

Best Wishes,