Re: sealed motors


After the first IMI race our leapard was protested by Mr. George. Even though we never came close to Seth’s times he still did this. Dennis took the motor back to his shop for inspection. We picked up the motor on Thursday, air freighted it to Woltjer (where the motor was purchased) Friday, received the motor on Thursday, put in on the kart Friday and headed to Grand Junction. Our motor was found to be in compliance, Dennis said he checked 72 different measurements. He even took the pipe apart. Mr George was not happy with this procedure and wanted to have our motor sent to Italian Motors to have it remeasured (Mr. George is a IM dealer) All this with our next race in 1 week. Mr. George offered to pay the $148 it cost us over the protest fee of $150.

This past week we were informed that Mr George would again be protesting our motor. Sunday morning we had Dennis check the cylinder again. It was within specs I put it back together put on the kart. In my rush I missed somithing and cost Kyle a second place finish.

So as for Mr. George having to pay to get his motor resealed thats fine by me. Maybe people just got tired of the B.S. he was putting the officials and our race team through. We didn’t protest Seth, he has been driving longer than Kyle. His dad owns a kart shop. The rotax is the motor to have at IMI. With those 3 things, he should have swept both IMI races. If the rules don’t change we will have a rotax for IMI next year.

As for Zach being cought up in this BS. Give me a call 303-598-2838 and I will give you $50 towards getting your motor resealed. This sports needs more kids that just want to race.

I need to go to work as there is less stress there.