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My posts about rules were not meant to be pro SKUSA or pro Stars or pro XYZ. It was meant to be PRO WRITTEN RULE BOOK. I have since heard that this is in the process of being done. I was willing to pay my share to an organization to use their in place rule book. As far as getting personal attention from one these organizations, that is probably only someones speculation. I will register Kyle with SKUSA anyway so I would kill 2 birds with 1 $75 stone. I am all for a spec fuel. The people at BigT are only a phone call away. My conversations with them last year lead me to believe they would be glad to supply fuel and oil, with the added business we could make it a requirement for them to do the testing also. You could still purchase your fuel elsewhere but it would have to pass their test. Spec tires would save some of us some money also. If I had to choose one, I would choose the spec fuel.
The national sanctioning body is only as good as the regional rep in your area. The last SKUSA rep didn’t do SKUSA any good.
The track owners should set the rules and the schedule with maybe one option to vote on. Otherwise the rules meeting could go on for days.
The stars schedule and rules was posted on there website today.