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Don Dempster

I have to agree with Chris in that SKUSA and Rotax are the start to building a succesful state/regional series. With there TAG Masters/Seniors I belive there are 4 engine/weight packages available to run. We have some very fine S1-S5 Shifter drivers here in the state. I belive there were over 70 Rotax Drivers here in the state last year running. With the Local option that SKUSA has they could bring in the CJKC Briggs karts. That could put us over 100 karts if we come together to support this series. You need to have defined classes and spec/rules in order to have this run smoothly. I have been racing my son here in Colorado for 3 years now and over the last two years have raced every track with the exception of Bandimere more then once each season. I am probably the only one that makes regular trips over to race at Grand Junction from this side of the hill. The facts are these are the the groups I see that have the numbers. With the exception of the 4 stroke shifters Eddie and 5 or 6 other guys in the Springs run I have not seen karters that would possibly be left out. As Mike said log on speak out let us know you are out there.