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Scott Falcone

Sounds great guys!

Thank you everyone for your responses so far to my post, it really helps. We need more, please.

It would be very helpful if everyone from the tracks and shops please try and get a rough head count of interested parties that would support this series and not just their home track races, lol. It would make it a little easier for us going forward. I understand we will never get the numbers perfect, I get that, but if we don’t feel we have the support of the drivers than this will be a huge waste of time and money for everyone. So, the more feed back and support we can generate will only help our momentum as well as our negations and fund raising for this series. I’m the last person who wants to waste anyone’s time. So please, get these posts to all your friends, customers, kids, etc. Let’s see how serious we really are about this.

It appears at this point; I will step up and be the middle man for all of the track, shop owners and promoter as far as working with them to get this venture up and running. After that I just want to be a driver and drive. Unless of course you rather I didn’t. I will do my very best to represent the drivers going forward at this time as well as negotiate what I can. I’m sure I will need help at times and would be more than happy to have it from some other interested drivers, fathers, mothers etc. I have a lot on my plate as well. At some point we will need everyone’s help, just showing up to race.

I truly hope that Tom and Stan will take us seriously and give us all the opportunity to make this happen. They are a huge part of this venture and just like everything else, we need them as well. I’m willing to do my part and step up as a sponsor, driver and help with construction repairs to a point. Lots of details to work out going forward, that’s why we do it as a group venture and get this series rolling.

I have now spoken to all of the track owners and most of the shop owners in Colorado that I know.
Surprisingly enough, when you put all the rumors to the side and actually speak with the track owners and shop owners directly, they all have some great ideas and an amazing amount of passion left in all of them. My gut is telling me they all want this to happen as well. Yes, there is a lot of work to do, but we are heading in a really good direction.

I think it’s a no-brainer that an outside professional racing organization such as SKUSA, whom are already planning on doing some racing in the region and would be a perfect fit for us. I have been running SKUSA events around the country now for several years and in my opinion they’re one of the best ran Go-Kart organizations in the country- from the business side to the most important part, making it very safe for all of us! They have it down, it’s what they do for a living, and they do one hell of job at it. We would be very fortunate in my opinion to have them work with us in this venture. Again it would be a perfect fit for us here in Colorado and in Utah, in my opinion.

Thank you in advance, Scott