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Craig Mansfield

:usa: I have talked with Jay,Scott,Stacy,Lee,and Stan. I have run RACING FOR HEROES events at Bandi. I have talked with Brad about hosting an event .. I offer these events as a way to increase rental income to the track owners during a race weekend. We get a set of rules for the other classes. It can be either IKF or SKUSA. The additional exposures of the HEROES gives us people in the stands and draws attention to Kart racing. They generate media coverage. We involve people who will buy ours or the shops karts to entry the sport and makes sponsors happy. I am discussing a temp circuit with another facility. It is a long short at this point. It would serve as a great year end event if it happens. If not we have great tracks owners and operators. At the KART RACING FOR HEROES events we also get to thank the men and women who serve us everyday. First responders,fireman,military,police what bad scenes they have to see and work in everyday. Thank you who have taken part of these events in the past.

I see a four or six race series. KART RACING FOR HEROES STATE SERIES has a nice ring. Lets have a meeting and make a schedule.

Craig Mansfield
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